As I  walked out, I could feel the smile slowly creeping on my face. Bursting with joy, the first thing I did was call my mom, who continually squealed on the phone as she sung in Idoma (my mother tongue) "who is like unto you Lord, I have never seen". And then the sheer fact that my life was about to change hit me and I couldn't help but laugh and smile till I got home (people probably thought I was deranged)

Fast forward to paragraph three for how I got the job, keep on reading to get the full gist. 

At the completion of my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), in Calabar, Cross River State I had expected to be fully employed at the place I served. I had spent most of my time working at the station and doing a great job too (if I do say so). I honestly wasn't planning on actually staying but I thought it would be nice to have the offer at hand, just in case.

That didn't work out, thankfully. 
Now, fast forward to a few month later, after having unsuccessfully applied for a few jobs online, I approached a radio station for possible employment. I had worked  as a journalist during my service year so I figured I'd continue in that path. I eventually settled for an internship as a social media manager with the chance of possible employment eventually. Although, the pay was quite small, that was a big victory for me so I went on with it. 

The plan was to stay busy and not sit on my ass while also working towards better. 

As per typical media style (journalist in Nigeria understand), a couple months later, I started to realize that this position might not work out after all. By then my biggest fear of being on the other side (unemployed) of the job front started materializing. I started approaching other media houses directly for a better offer. 

It's rough out there in those streets guys, the frustration was real. As my motivation dwindled it became harder to even go to work. I almost quit my job at the station several times, but for some reason I stayed. I just kept going 

So check me out chilling in my desk at the station one of these days, and someone I barely talked to, walks up to me talking about a job at a multinational company. I wasn't going to apply because it wasn't necessarily in my field but I thought, why not.

Well, I didn't get the job.

But, I was given another job at the same company as a Communications Officer, which had been vacant for a while. Funny thing is my role is a combination of two things I do and am good at, news and social media as per my blog.  

So God was doing his thing all along. It was then I realized that:

  •  Every closed door is not actually a closed door. And that in the bigger picture everything and I mean everything happens for a reason. I wasn't employed at the place I served for this purpose.
  • The importance of not waiting for life to happen to you but to do your own part and let God do the rest. Have you done your part?
  • God can use anyone to connect us to a breakthrough. Don't disregard people and most of all, never underestimate God.
  • All things are working for your good whether you believe it or not, it's working!
  • Bloggers don't underestimate your blog. Blogging is work experience especially in this age of social media, so you might want to add it to your resume. 
This is my testimony of how God did his thing and gave me a job that I never expected. In writing this, my intention is not to brag but to encourage someone out there and of course give glory to my God. After all I write about him a lot, so this is just proof of what he can do. Also I talked about getting fired so this was necessary 

Do you have a testimony of a major breakthrough? How did you get it? Please share. What are your overall thoughts, I'd love to read guys. Lets encourage each other!

Let's stay in touch!


  1. God is great! I had a similar experience after service too, me and a couple of other people were told to leave because the office couldn't afford to pay us again, to think that I was just starting to settle in but as God will have it, I got a couple of freelance jobs afterwards as a result of blogging. I know that there's still so much in store for me, I'm learning everyday to trust him completely.

    Thank you for sharing this Sarah.

  2. I'm so happy for you Sarah. Greater things to come. Thanks for inspiring and motivating us with your Testimony.

  3. I'm so happy for you Sarah. God does amazing things all the time and most times he's arranging things under our noses and we don't even know!! I'm so happy for you �� �� this is just the beginning even greater things will happen

  4. @Aramide, the sad truth about the employment sector in Nigeria, seems a lot of companies want to employ but can't pay, getting kicked out was harsh though. The best is indeed yet to come, I believe God wants us to trust him more completely too.

    @Prisca, thank God, it's all for his glory. Greater things to come for all of us, Amen.

    @Vincent and that's the amazing thing about God, his ways are not our ways. Amen!

  5. Congratulations girl! I wish you all the very best.
    PS: this post lifted my spirit. Our God is a living God.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

  6. This is really inspiring...never underestimate God and don't look down on people...i got mine from the most unlikely source really God can use anybody or anything for bless you..keep believing and don't give up

  7. Wow, Sarah!
    Thanks for sharing.
    God is Great.

  8. First of all - Congratulations!
    Very wise and motivating words, we shouldn't be idle, we must do our best and trust in God.


  9. congratulations dear!That man (I mean God) is full of surprises.

  10. Congratulations :)
    Habe a good day!

  11. Ayee this testimony is important at this point. I am also looking for a job here and finding one seems bleak. Its a lot of challenges to deal with but your testimony gives hope.

    Congrats on your new job and see how you're glowing

  12. Congratulations hun.. This came just when I neeed it. Keep soaring love

  13. @Ruthex thank you!
    @Oreoluwa, I'm glad girl, praise be to Jehovah
    @Sochima, wise words, thank you and praise God for the testiomy
    @Ekene May, indeed he is, thank you for reading
    @joiny, may God be praised, I'm glad you took some lessons away from this post
    @Ibilola, Thank you, indeed he is and his ways are not ours, I'm so thankful for that
    @Ptysia thank you!
    @Grace Thank you dear, the God who did it for me will do it for you, I'm sure. Glad this inspired you
    @Biwom thank you dear, glad it helped.

  14. Wow Sarah, this is what I needed to focus and rekindle my faith. Congratulations and thank you for being so honest to share this.

  15. This is so encouraging Sarah, love posts like this. Congratulations on the job, may you only go higher from here! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  16. Congratulations Sarah! God sure has His way of doing things.

  17. Glory!!!! This confirms that workin hard on ur grind brings great results wit God. Way to go gal...congrats.

  18. Congratulations, The oarrt about adding blogging to your resume is super important. The sooner I did that I got an internship at the biggedt PR agency in my country and blogging is the only related expereince I had.God really does work in mysterious ways. Thankyou for sharing your story ❤.

  19. Thank you for this post. Very inspiring. Although, in a job but currently apply to higher positions with better pay and its get frustrating sometimes. True what you said about not being idle cos while the applications aren’t successful yet and sometimes I get frustrated, I take a break from applying and just take courses/get better knowledge on skills needed for the position I am apply for. So that when it comes, I am ready and have the required knowledge apart from my current experience