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So I'm a little late to this trend but its the return of the beret trend for those who haven't noticed. And it's definitely the perfect fall fashion staple too. Both Female and male bloggers and all fashion enthusiasts have been incorporating this trend and I'm excited. I don't know about you, but I'm all here for it, when it's done right though.

Now, I know berets are generally associated with Parisian inspired looks and retro fashion but for me, my earliest memory of berets was observing students from public schools rocking it along with their uniforms. Also, in church it's a more stylish way of covering one's head. I've some what always wanted to try it, but never did.

Now with the comeback of this trend, I'll definitely be giving it a shot, what about you guys? 

When it comes down to fashionably rocking the beret trend, I've noticed that it's all about how you position it on your head. If you're still unsure about this trend, here is a compilation of some of my favourite beret looks from both my female and male bloggers. 

 It's safe to say Grace of Gafashion is a trend setter with this one seeing as she's been rocking berets way before it even started trending. I love how she brings her retro style to the mix. 

 Nobody does vintage men's fashion as well or effortlessly combines prints like Bidemi of  The Style Train. For all the men out there, he's you're go to for more daring out of the box looks. 

I just love how Hafymo is always covered but still fly, and she definitely nails this trend. 

And of course, Stylernest all the way from Ghana keeps things clean, fitted and very nicely put together, I can't even pick a favourite look.

Shewa Jay gives us cool street style vibes by incorporating the beret into modern edgy looks. I love her not so girly takes too.

Nabilah Kariem gives us modest glam chic with her incorporation. She's definitely channeling those Parisian vibes too. 
And of course, here are some looks I'm currently loving from a few other bloggers. 

7. A keene Sense of Style

If you're thinking of giving this a shot, try black, red and nude coloured berets. Hope you were inspired because I know I was. 

What are your thoughts on this trend? Yay or Nay? What's your favourite look or looks?

Happy new month BTW!
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  1. The beret trend is definitely a yaay for me.
    I love Grace's look, Maryam Salam's, Shewa Jay, Hafymo.
    I'm not sure which i actially like best. But they all really look good on it ����


  2. @Kezia right? I'm not sure which one I like best either, they all look so good.

  3. These fashion bloggers are killing it! Bookmarking cos this is how I'm going to look for my next trip to Paris! I don't care if it's cliche or extra!

  4. I can't even pick a fave as they all killed it! I just don't know if I'm ready to join the beret bandwagon LOL!

  5. @Travel with a Pen, lot it's not cliche, glad you enjoyed this pot

    @Wanshygirl I'm not sure either but I'm definitely inspired so I intend to give this trend a shot.