Merry Christmas my beautiful people!

In this season I'm wishing you all the good things that this life had to offer and also using this medium to appreciate you for all the love and support. This lil blog of mine couldn't have come this far without each and every one of you. So Thank you, thank you!

A little reminder as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus who gave us the best gift of salvation, let's not forget to live with the thought of others in mind, to treat others as we'd like to be treated and to celebrate the victories of others too. The world would really be a better place if we could all be a little less selfish at times huh.

Now as for Christmas and traditions, I spent my day helping my mom entertain guests who surprisingly bombarded us after the Christmas Service (It's been a while).  I also stuffed myself with meat, chin chin and zobo (rosella juice). I mean after all my plans to eat every and anything , I could barely eat. I'm glad we survived our unexpected guests and in some ways I guess the fuel issue helped reduce the number of people. It's the season of giving, so in some ways I'm thankful that my family has enough to be satisfied and still give to others. 

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. A lot of you failed to follow all the rules like subscribing to the blog, however the winner is Wathani Anyasi. I'll be having another giveaway come 2018. So stay tuned and Subscribe to the blog. Once again, compliments of the season!
See you soon!

How did you spend your CHRISTMAS? Was your house bombarded with guests as well. What did you eat? 

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