Hey beautiful people! Let me use this opportunity to officially wish you a happy December as we pray for more blessings and accomplished goals before the end of 2017.

I've be thinking a lot lately, and Id like my blog to be more helpful to you guys, thus I will be dishing more tips on rocking trends, building your wardrobe, etc.  Lets start of with five must-have heels for every woman.

lace up booties, snakeskin pumps, nude pointed pumps

I started building my heels collection several years ago. At the time I remember purchasing every possible shoe style and color I could find. Recall my various haul posts here, here and here. Truthfully I was still discovering my personal style at the time. Now, after identifying my style which is "modest with a touch of retro and class" and various closet overhauls,  I've come to notice that there are certain shoes in my wardrobe that I gravitate towards more than others.

Now while this post recommends 5 must-have heels, its important to note that one's preference would also depend on one's overall style and lifestyle. For example, a student may not identify with my choice of pointed toe and single sole heels due to the discomfort associated with them. However, these are general principles when it comes to building one's high heel shoe collection. Let's begin before I ramble too much.

nude pointed pumps, red pumps, silver metallic single sole heels
1. The Nude Pair 
I've often said that Nude heels are way too underrated. I mean they pair so well with everything and  add a classic touch to every look. I even prefer Nude shoes as opposed to the typical black pair. So in my list, Nude shoes take the place of black ones. 

2. A Coloured Pair (Red)
Think of the most basic or uninspiring outfit ever, now add a coloured heel and wallah, it's instantly transformed. This is why the need for a coloured pair of heels can not be over-stressed. A pop of colour is the best way to upgrade an outfit. Now when it comes to colour pops, I love to use either red or pink heels.
Red, nude, brown, peach pointed pumps, closet basic, essential
Source: Schutz Shoes

3. The Barely There Single Sole 
Single sole heels are great when an outfit has to much going on. These shoes add an understated elegance and well as keep things simple. Colours I prefer and recommend include, white, nude, silver and gold. 

4. The Printed Pair
Printed heels are just like coloured heels, they make an outfit more interesting, eye catching and inspiring. When it comes to incorporating prints into shoes, I'm a sucker for Leopard print (Still need to get a pair of shoes in this), Snakeskin and stripes. 

Lace up booties, flat lay, nude

5. The Lace-up/Strappy Pair
Last but not least is the lace up pair. We all need shoes that can bring edge or a touch of sexiness to an outfit and lace up booties/heels do just that. Such shoes are my go-to when an outfit appears too basic even with colours or it just needs something more.

As mentioned earlier, preference in shoe styles would depend on one's lifestyle and personal style, but generally these tips span across all types of shoes, be it, wedges, booties, flats, etc.

Stay tuned for a post talking must have shoes in a wardrobe!

What are the essential five heeled shoes in your collection/wardrobe? Please do share, I'd love to know your preferences, especially based on your personal style. 

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  1. Mehn! Sarah I thought I had shoes but you my sister are a Shoe-A-Holic. I evene checked out the old posts and I see why you tagged yourself a shophaolic. 5 Essential Shoes in my closet? Let's see;
    1. The basic black flat
    2. The court shoes preferably black
    3. Strappy heeled sandals also in a neutral color
    4. Peep toe-pumps
    5. Brogues, Sandals & Sneakers for casual days.
    I'm not a fan of colored shoes but I have a few pairs I love to stare at in my closet...Hahaha!

  2. @WanshyGirl Lol girl an unrepentant one at that too, referring to old posts I actually don't own all those shows anymore. Gave some away in a closet overhaul. I'd definitely include flats in my overall closet shoes. Lol I still find it quite interesting that you don't like colour shoes.