In my opinion one of the greatest blessings and curses we faced over here in my home country, Nigeria is the economic recession.

Sure a lot of businesses closed down, people lost they're jobs but thanks to the horrible exchange rate, there was a bigger push for  Made in Nigeria items.  And that definitely made a lot of our local designers step up to the plate. Some are doing marvellously well but others not so much. 
A lot of our made in Nigeria items are ridiculously over priced when one looks at value for money. Why would I spend 10 ($30) on one blouse when I don't get the value for my money. Then there's the argument of "well a lot of these designers import production materials from abroad due the decay in our fabric industry". And then the argument about the decreased value of our currency. 

However, a lot of these items are not necessarily overpriced but not exactly affordable.  But what is affordable fashion? Because it really is subjective and dependant on ones pocket because money talks. Now I can understand the struggle to produce quality and affordable items but a lot of brandS really need to step up.
Photography by Blessing Audu

Why so much talk on Made in Nigeria you might ask?

Well this Khaki/army green dress is made in Nigeria by Virtue Clothier. I had seen this brand everywhere! Hence during the Jumia black Friday sales I took advantage of the sales and discounts code and got this dress. I went a size up (12) as I had expected it to be the thin cheap material usually associated with body con dresses. I wanted a looser fit.

 At First,  I was impressed with how thick the material was. Not necessarily high quality but decent for the price of 3.5k ($10) plus shipping.  But now imagine my shock when I washed it and the colour faded out. I would have been so mad if I got the dress at the original Prince of 8k ($25) because the quality it's not that great for me. What I honestly loved the most were the sleeves guys.

Over time, this dress has really lasted and I've come to learn a little bit more about the brand. They offer cheaper clothes which are often great and of decent quality in relation to the price but unfortunately sometime inferior quality. So basically I've had good buys with them and not so good purchases. Why do I keep buying though? Well they are cheap, trendy and have lot's of basics!

Again I understand the struggle designers face in creating affordable made in Nigeria items in these harsh times. But a lot of due diligence must still be put in place because sure I want affordable but the quality still needs to be okay. At the end of the day it's all about balance. Some designers get it right and others fail woefully.

Dress: Jumia here || Shoes: Zaful Similar

Stay tuned, I'll be reviewing a few more affordable Nigerian brand's before I throw in the towel (been disappointed a lot guys)

What are your thoughts on Made in Nigeria items? What is affordable fashion to you?

Join me on Instastories at 3pm WAT tomorrow, I'll be going live and showing you what I've been buying lately.  


  1. You look fantastic, unbelievably :)

  2. So apt! I really can't understand how these designers set their prices. Well said Sarah, great read.

  3. Hey Sarah, I can totally relate with how pricey some Made in Nigeria brands are..

    I love the colour of this dress.

  4. what is affordable fashion? ....haha that question made me laugh...

  5. lol....well i feel like one reason most local designs are pricey is because these designers do not want their designs or brands to be seen as not good enough, so in order to give this seemingly "standard and of high quality" idea they tend to make their designs pricey. I hope it's worth it like you said.

  6. I really like these pictures!
    I know that things might be hard, but I believe that we can do better. The thing is that most of them want to maximize profit and 'blow', and sometimes I don't blame them, but I believe we can do so much better and we will, as time goes on!
    It's so sad that the colours washed out though.

  7. You make a valid point here - the quality does not always seem to match the price that is paid for clothes in Nigeria (in Africa in general to be honest). Still, you seem to purchase a lot of Made in Nigeria clothes so I'm wondering if you have some tips - What are some relatively affordable brands that produce goods of good quality? Do you purchase specific items from specific brands (ex. do you mostly buy workwear from one brand, bodycon dresses from another, etc.)? ||

  8. @MADAME LIPSTICK thank you so much!

    @Arkadiusz Lenart thank you

    @Tokoni Larry Parkins, right! So glad I'm not alone, if only we could get into their heads and understand their reason. Thank you for reading.

    @Anonymous, glad I'm not alone and thank you for reading

    @Grace Alex, lol but what really is affordable though?

    @Aimin, hmm that's an interesting way to see this as we tend to put more value to things we spend more money on. Though here's my qualm though. If it's going to be expensive then at least the quality should match with the price too.

    @Desire Uba thank you girl, these weren't my favorite pictures but I'm glad you liked them. As for the brands, blowing takes time too and who says you can't blow with affordable designs. I'm sure we will get better though, we have after all come a long way.

    @Oluwakemi, the quality not matching the price is my biggest issue with these brands. A post like that sounds awesome. However, I only recently started wearing Made in Nigeria brands and have somewhat been more disappointed than impressed but we'll see. Thank you for stopping by