"Maybe this blogging thing is not for me, maybe it's not God's plan for me because I should have gone further than this by now", words I said to my sister a while back...
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It's no secret, stagnant growth for me has been one of my greatest struggles in this blogging thing and that has lead to a lot of comparison both good and bad.

  Good because it helps you to do better,  identify areas of improvement and learn from others but it can be a slippery slope too especially when you stop focusing on you and start feeling unsatisfied.

Comparison they say is the thief of joy and honestly truer words have never been said. But it's only human nature to compare especially when one is stuck and feels the grass is greener on a persons side.

"Maize and the Palm Tree Sarah" was my sisters reply to me and she went on to explain. 

Maize takes less time to grow and once the crop is ready, it is eaten and forgotten. Now the palm tree takes several years to grow and it's a slow but beautiful and rough process. But when it finally grows, its crop can be used for so many things and lives for decades even.  Maybe some of us are Palm trees and not the maize plant. Our journeys may take longer but we will be better for it. 
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And that my beautiful people changed everything! I got tired and started seeing things differently. Truth is life is unfair at times. Our journeys are different too. Some things comes easier and seemingly faster for others but that doesn't mean we won't get to where we're supposed to be.

And hey road blocks at times, are God's way of preparing us for better, remember my testimony here. Some situations might just be a means to an end and not the final destination or page in our life chapter. The thing is to keep going, keep pushing and only looking back to learn from and appreciate our past. And if we do decide to stop and look at others, it should be a learning experience!

What are your thoughts on this? Ever struggled with Comparison? How did you deal? 

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  1. I am glad your sis told ya bout the maize and the 🌴.
    Take stock of your posts alone, girl you ain't where you used to be,well I know that.
    To deal with the pressure of comparison, I like to remind myself, that it's MY LIFE, MY STORY. . .could be hard sometimes, but I have to, it's the best gift I can give myself everyday.

  2. I can relate dear. My remedy is to remain optimistic (very hard because I'm more of a realist), keep trusting God and keep working hard because that is all we can really do. It is well.

  3. This is such a beautiful post. Quite inspiring. It's always great to remember why you started when it seems like nothing is working. Hi. . .

  4. Your doing a great job here girl.
    You've grown, really fast and i'm super proud of you.

  5. @Ekene May that's a way to go, My life, my story! I like that, thank you for stopping by as always girl.
    @Wumi it is hard honestly, but we just have to control and do what we can and leave the rest to God.
    @Nwamaka thank you, remember the dream and why is key.
    @The Beautiful Eagle, yay, thank you. Means a lot.

  6. Indeed human beings come in two categories; the maize plant and the Palm tree. I choose to be the Palm tree. Thank you for inspiring me, Sarah

  7. Love this post girl and I feel the same way too sometimes. Your sister did a good job with her reply.
    I really love your top

  8. And once again i've been inspired thanks Sarah...i've learnt in life that people will always get there before us,I guess that's how God made it. it's good you know,it explains why some are alive and others are six feet below. it also explains why we have mentors and people we look up to because they got there before us. Who would make the mistakes we now learn from if they didn't?.I think we need to learn that we will all get there, not at the same time though but when we do, it would all begin to make sense to us.

  9. Maize Vs palm tree. Lovely explanation babe