I wasn't going to put this up seeing as it's 2018 and this post is all about 2017 but you never know how far you've come until you look back. 

2017 for my blogging journey was one of the most defining ones. It started out with me having great plans for this little space but along the way, I felt I lacked the resources, materials to push this blog in the direction I wanted. Thus it started slowly with the same old, same old until towards the end. There were some defining moments that make me extremely excited for 2018.

1. Change Layout 
I changed my overall blog theme quite a number of times actually, not sure if you all noticed or remembered.  The constant change mostly had to do with issues out of my control hence I had to keep changing to solve technical faults. I eventually stuck with this theme but I'm already making plans for a change soon, very soon.  

2. Domain Name
I honestly never saw the point in moving to a ".com" especially since I started blogging just for fun and not the money. But eventually, I realized that people don't take you seriously without a domain name so I moved finally after almost 4 years of Blogging. I wish I had gotten that domain name earlier now.

3. Almost quit blogging
I reached a point where I was unsatisfied with my growth and felt like there was nothing more I could do. This was around the time I took a break for almost two months (the longest I've ever been away)! It was frustrating really because I felt that I was putting in so much but not getting as much back. Wrote all about it here too. 

4. New Camera
The most important tool for any blogger especially one who uses a lot of visuals is a good camera. And after 4 years of Blogging, I was finally able to afford an upgrade from a Basic SLR to a DSLR.  I can only wish I had been able to get a better quality camera earlier. Understanding the importance of good picture quality is one of the things I wish I knew before I started blogging. Shout out to Valentine of Wayt Fashion for pushing me to upgrade the quality of my pictures and for helping out with dope pictures too. 

5. 4 years of blogging with 500,000 views
After four years of Blogging, I finally hit 500k views. It might seem small to some people but I'm celebrating the little victories because I know where I started from and it wasn't with everything all figured out. I've really grown in this blogging thing. 


Some of your favourite posts based on views and your response were my Sarah Speaks which I always enjoy writing. 

I had hoped to collaborate with at least one blogger every month. That didn't work out as again I lacked the tools needed but I was still able to do a few which I'm happy about.
What to Wear to a Holiday Party Larisa of Larisa Le Fleur


2017 for me was a year of saying no really. If it wasn't worth my time or if it didn't fit into my niche I turned it down because honestly I couldn't be bothered. Weird how in my earlier blog days I was honored to even be considered for free uninspiring work. Not any more guys. If it ain't a cool concept, paying my bills or generally worth it, I'm not interested. I'm saying bye-bye to brands with no budget or proper compensation in 2018.  However thank you to the few brand's who collaborated with me and these include Edward Mills LagosKanga Fashion, LavinceNative and Sewn, Zaful, Gamiss, Shein, Oyin Lagos

I seemed to also rock a lot of prints last year too. What were your favourites. You can catch up on my blog outfits review here.
Thank you guys for sticking with me through everything.  We've come so far and hey you're still here and so am I. I'm excited for 2018 because this time I feel things will be different and I'll be coming to you with some of my blog goals in the next post. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year. Wishing you the very best in 2018.

What were some of your favourite posts? Blog collaborations? As a blogger what was your defining moment. 

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  1. Haha congrats girl...My domain expired and because I didn't renew someone bought it and my .com is selling for almost $3,000 smh

  2. I know the struggle of put in a lot of work with little results. 2018 is a no fear zone good job

  3. It looks that it was really creative year for you, great collaborations and your photo sessions are gorgeous!
    I think that 500000 views it's great number and you should be proud of this.
    Happy New Year!!!:)

  4. Lovely recap. Wish I had the strength to do something similar.
    You pretty much grew in 2017 and also ticked off major goals. Here's to doing more in 2018, not just for the money or accolades but for self fulfillment and having an impact on someone.

  5. @John, amen to that oh!
    @Grace, thank you and woah that sucks
    @Sheila Sherifa it really is frustrating but we move still and we will continue to take our chances and try new things. Thank you
    @Jointy&Croissantly, thank you so much. It means a lot that you always stop by to read and comment. Happy New Year too
    @Wanshygirl Lol it really doesn't take much time, it's more of a thought process. Plus doing this helps me see my growth and learn from my mistakes. I saw a lot of growth in 2017 too, thank you. Yes oh, here's to doing a lot more great things in 2018.

  6. 500,000 views is good. Keep it up.
    Happy new year.
    That two piece outfit in the middle of the last picture is my favorite. Saw it on your instagram and was filled with life 😋
    You're looking gorgeous

  7. @Favour, thank you and happy new year to you too. Thank you so much, looking forward to greater heights this year.

  8. 2017 was definitely a good year for you. I learnt the beauty of celebrating little victories the hard way but I'm glad I did learn.
    Cheers to more views, collaborations and achievements. 🍻


  9. @Tokoni Larry Parkins, learning to celebrate small victories is an important lesson to learn always. Cheers to a better 2018 of course, thank you for stopping by.