I think it's about time you and I admit that we've probably overdone the exaggerated sleeves trend. Yes, this trend has been big since 2016 and in saying this I'm talking about all sorts of dramatic sleeves like flared, angel and lantern sleeves. Today I'm back with another puff sleeve made in Nigeria top (sorry not sorry). As noted in my post on top 2017 trends and as you would have already noticed, this trend is one of my all-time favorites. But enough about this top, let's talk New Year resolutions.

puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf, high waist trousers
puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf
puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf

With every new year, comes resolutions for most of us. Now, lately, a lot of people have been beating the crap out of the "new year, new me" statement, which I can't fault. However, a lot of people go forward to say they don't believe in resolutions but rather plan how they want their year to turn out. Please help me understand guys. Isn't planning out your year, the same thing as making resolutions? Now I don't know about you but I once had a year where I put no goals or plans in place and trust me, that was one of the worst/most unaccomplished years I've ever had!

Yes, a lot of us tend to get carried away with the whole New Year resolution thing but I believe that's where accountability comes into place. We just have to keep checking ourselves, learning from our mistakes and keep on trying. Having put my point across, here are some of my resolutions both for the blog and my personal life.

1. Lose Weight
I'm not putting a target amount to this but my goal is to fit into my favourite clothes. In order to do this, I will be starting Shaun T's T25 workouts as soon as possible. Would you guys like me to keep you updated?  I will also be cutting out fried food and sadly that includes fried yam and plantain (sigh). I'll be dropping pounded yam too. Now as a Benue girl, that's going to be so hard but we've got this! Mom doubts, but I'll prove her wrong when I drop these pounds and pull her to the Fit Fam.

puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf
puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf, high waist trousers
2. 3 Month Shopping Sabbatical
Towards the end of last year, I basically went back to my shopaholic tendencies. This was perfectly fine as I had been good for a long while but this year, I have to cut back. Hence for three months, I've decided that there will be no shopping unless it's absolutely necessary.

3. Saving more
I believe this point is self-explanatory. I want to be smarter with my spending in order to save more. This will definitely take a lot of discipline on my part, thus I've been thinking of using the Piggybank app. Ever used it, thoughts? Also, I want to invest and give more too!

4. Blog Expansion
This year I want to bring you guys more helpful content. I've been thinking of expanding to a little bit of beauty and posting more on travel/lifestyle. Fashion blogging for me can be quite limiting and predictable at times, so I do hope you all enjoy the changes. I want to collaborate with at least one blogger every month and I already have plans underway for this. I also intend to be smarter in my choice of brand collaborations. As I said in my last post, if it ain't paying, not a cool idea or overall worth it, I ain't interested.

5. Read more
Last year my goal was to read at least two books every month. Well, I failed woefully in that and this was because I wasn't accountable. Also, I didn't map out how I was going to achieve this goal with my super busy schedule. Hence, I started several books but finished none (hides face). This time around, I've decided to divide a book's page number by the number of days that I've set for myself to complete the book. Of course, I'll keep you guys posted.

6. God
Finally, and most importantly, is to take a big step in my relationship with God. This includes reading more of his word and spending more time praying. Also, I want to challenge myself to evangelize more, you know, tell more people about how awesome God is. It's never easy but we exist as Christians to tell the World that Jesus Christ is the Savior. Praying for grace to do this.

puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf, high waist trousers
puff sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, lantern sleeves, mustard, retro scarf, high waist trousers
Photography by David Audu

These are just a few of my goals, of course, some of the rest will be revealed as they unfold.

Now let's talk about this top! I took advantage of the black Friday sale last year to purchase this top by Virtue Clothier on Jumia Fashion. I last styled a dress from them here. While I had mixed feelings before, this top is a big improvement and I am happier. However, the finishing was poor, I won't lie. There was a small hole in the sleeve too but seeing as I was too lazy to go through the exchange process I decided to mend it myself. I'm not a huge fan of the material but I love the fact that it's thick and doesn't fade which is an improvement from the dress. Overall, I love the puff sleeves and mustard colour. This puff sleeve blouse has really become a basic closet staple in my wardrobe and I look forward to showing you guys more ways of rocking it. 

Top: Virtue Clothier Similar here, here || Trousers: Lavincesimilar || Shoes: Zara || Scarf: Thrift 

By the way, I took these pictures at Jabi Lake Mall and I couldn't be happier especially after hearing about the stress bloggers in Abuja go through just to use this place. Thanks to their tip, this time I outsmarted the guards by being a paying customer at one of the vendors in the mall (Ha in their face). Oh, the struggle we bloggers go through in Nigeria to get content but that's a topic for another day.

What are some of your New Year resolutions? Do you even believe in setting resolutions? If not, why? I'd really love to know. Also what type of content would you like to see this year?

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  1. Before i say anything....did you say loose weight??? Where the fat dey abeg? You are cool like this trust me.

    As for resolutions, i just want to be better than i have been in this past year, and improve on every area of my life too. Cheerio!


  2. @ShugasDiary, yes oh weight. Trust me the struggle is real, I can barely fit most of my clothes right now. Cheers to improving and being the best versions of ourselves ever!. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Glad they didn't harass you out of this location. The pictures are dope. You better be paying your siblings, they do an amazing job with the pictures. I'm with you on goal 3 and 5.


  4. Some of us aren't done with this trend!! Seriously - this is a great outfit. Regarding your resolutions: it's a well balanced list. It includes a few points I too want to address this year (notably on blogging and collabs, my relationship with God and developing better spending/ saving habits). I wishing you all the best as you work on those resolutions! || www.lorikemi.com

  5. Good content hun! I’m with you on save more spend less. Loosing weight? You’re not that bad but being healthy is good. Expanding! Yeeeesss!!! Growth is good.

  6. I love the sleeves of your blouse and the color

  7. @Tokoni Larry Parkins, lol it was such an accomplishing feeling sucking it to those guards. And of course, I compensate them with gifts and treats all the time. Wishing you a very accomplishing year girl, thank you for stopping by.

    @Lorikemi, lol we definitely aren't done, thank you for reading and leaving a lovely comment. I wish you all the best in 2018 too.

    @Thareal90s thank you so much. Here's to saving more money and spending less. Yeah I know I'm not that bad but the goal is to fully get back into the fit life before one day I wake up fat. Because one doesn't gain weight in a day, it start slowly and that's what I'm trying to avoid

    @Grace Alex, me too girl, thank you so much

  8. Great resolutions Sarah. Especially with being smart with your finances and drawing closer.great necessities and I wish you success on them.