Floral Ruffled Top: Styled Two Ways

Serving you summer vibes today with a little inspiration on how to style your floral and pleated tops in two ways. I'll be showing you how to transition one basic top from a casual meeting to work wear for the workplace.
I'm starting this post on a bright note today as I finally hit a huge milestone on Instagram. It's been a long time coming and I'm grateful for progress, no matter how small it seems. I've been blogging for so long and most times it feels like I put in so much and get very little in return. But I keep going because I know and I'm sure we'll all get our Olajumoke moment in the spotlight. And the plan is to be ready and shine on when that moment comes.

Overall, through this process of patience and growth, I've learnt not to sweat the small stuff, to celebrate with others and take a step back when I need to. And most importantly, I've learnt not to compare, even though life is unfair with some people getting things easier while others have to work so hard for it. I'm thankful still, because we've come so far. I just want to say thank you for sticking with me. 

Let's get into the lookbook. I got this top on my last thrift shopping adventure in Abuja and was inspired to style it in two ways. Funny, all items in this lookbook are thrift finds from Wuse Market within a 1,000-1,500 price range. Can you tell I'm proud?

1. Casual Glam
For look one, I wanted something simple, comfortable but still nicely put together. Hence I opted for pleats on pleats with my white pleated culottes, yes these are pants and not a skirt. I topped it off with my nude Zara heels and a brown purse. For more comfort I'd opt for slides.
Culottes: Thrift || Top: Thrift || Shoes: Zara

 2. Florals in the Workplace
High waist trousers are such staples in my wardrobe, especially for work wear. Hence, I decided to take this top to the work place by opting for a chic bag, flared trousers and my gold pointed pumps. This fit is my usual go-to work style because trousers are bae. For a more corporate feel, I'd add either a yellow or black blazer.

Shoes: Shoe Shop Ng (Similar) || Bag: Zalora Thailand || Trousers, Top: Thrift

Photography by Victor Audu

Funny story about this top, I  actually spotted it across the market while sifting through a pile of clothes at another stall. Upon sighting the top, I rushed over and told the seller to reserve the item for me, I barely even bargained before settling on a price. And that's how I am when it comes to shopping, if it's what I want, I don't drag unnecessarily. 

Which look do you prefer? Which would you rock? How else would you style the top? What other items would you like to see me style for the lookbook for March?

Let's stay in touch!


  1. I love both look. I’m a fan of flared trouser but look 2 does it more. Maybe because black is bae anyday 😁

  2. beautiful and I feel you, I have also been blogging for a while and I feel like am putting so much into it, but I am happy that you shared this because it has given me hope. I can get there. I love the casual floral.


  3. Both looks are amazily cute


  4. I love how you styled both of these looks. You always look good :-) Love your style


  5. I love both looks! And I love the top, it is so gorgeous.
    Styling the top with a pencil skit will also be very nice...

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  6. Congratulations love!

    I love look 1. Is it just me or are pleated pants/culottes becoming a thing?

  7. I loved the both ways you styled it, but if I am to choose I will definitely go for the first look.


  8. Fantastic stylization