Ever been in situations where you were unsure of whether to keep trusting God for a miracle or move on to reality and embrace man's help?

Well, I once read of a man who in his faith sowed his last money hoping to get blessed and nothing happened but another man sowed just a little of what he had and the blessings he got were out of this world.  I also read about a woman who died during child birth because she refused to have a C-section as recommended by the doctors. Why? Well she believed in her pastors decree that she would deliver through a natural birth like the Israelite women in the bible. In the same vein, I was blown away by the testimony of a woman who was healed of cancer right at the moment when all hope was lost and she was about to die.

What's the point with these stories? Well, the people in the above scenarios, faced a point where they had to either believe in God or focus on the reality of things. However, some of the acts of faith ended so tragically which makes me wonder, when do we as Christians draw the line between our faith and embrace reality? When is it time to embrace man-made help. Is there ever really a time for that though?

What was the difference between these people that some were delivered while others weren't. Yes, the Bible makes us to understand that God is God all by himself and he will show mercy to whom he chooses to show mercy to but then when do we know when to draw that line? When do we know to move on to man made help while still looking unto God for intervention? Is it even possible to look to both places at once? 

Now, what does the bible say about faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1 KJV). Which is basically rephrased as wishing or hoping for invisible/unseen things to be made a reality. And Jesus tells us with faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains (Luke 17:6) . Now have you ever seen a mustard seed? Well it's soooo small guys, meaning small faith can take you places. But what happens when that mustard seed faith doesn't move those mountains? 

Yes we've been taught and know that at the end of the day, God's plan triumphs over everything. And sometimes, a closed door or a no is God's way of preserving us or working on better for us (Isaiah 55:8). But how do know when to stop believing on a miracle and trust that it may be God's plan as we move on to face the music? How do we know when to accept that the 'no' may be God's plan?
Photography by Victor Audu

Now, the christian-me knows I should put my total faith, hope and confidence in God because well that's mustard seed faith and he shows up most especially when we make him our one and only option. But the human-side of me, slightly wonders what if this doesn't happen or God doesn't come through? That same human side even considers a Plan B. But then wouldn't having a plan B contradict that mustard seed faith? After all, when you put total trust in something and in this case God, why the question of what if?

And at the same time, faith without works is dead.  For example, you can't trust God for a job and sit at home praying while expecting God to miraculously do it. We've got to put in the work. But at the same time what happens when you hustle, work towards better opportunities, have that mustard seed faith and nothing comes from it then what? Do we accept that it's God's plan and move on or do we keep faithing it? Do we face reality and try something else? Where do we draw the line?

Yes wisdom is profitable to direct, but you'll admit with me that faith doesn't always make sense to the human eye and that's why it's called faith! At the end of the day though, I take comfort in this bible verse "they looked to him, and were radiant and their faces shall never be covered with shame" (Psalm 34:5)

I've had these thoughts on my mind for so long as I tried to rephrase it and even understand better. So today it's not so much about me speaking but me asking. I'd love to know your thoughts and revelations on this? Let's learn and grow together. Hence, what are your thoughts guys? Let's discuss!

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  1. I totally get you,for years I've had this prayer point, and sometimes I feel God skips it on purpose, every other thing was answered except this one thing... I usually rest in the fact that his ways are not our ways and sometimes we may not know all the answers or why God lets certain things happen.

  2. @Fisayo Adeyemi it can be so frustrating sometimes though, especially from a human perspective. Like I understand his ways are not my ways but a want an explanation too lol. No one can ever understand God I guess and we keep believing because that's faith after all. Thank you for reading!I really truly appreciate the feedback!

  3. I don't know how God works and I'll never understand him, I don't think so, sometimes I think he's unfair because he love some people so much and some people no matter how they try can't get that love. I don't think I know anything but I've learnt to trust and put my hope in him. I hope I learn more from the comment box, thanks for sharing dear.

  4. See, the Bible also says that faith "without works" is dead. This means that God will always come through for His own BUT we, as individuals have our roles to play. We should learn to take positive steps in faith. It's those positive steps that puts God to action. Cheerios.

  5. I really like how you are dealing with these topical issues that Christians tend to shy away from. I think I should do a blog post on it, called "Wisdom is Profitable to direct"

  6. @Charles Sawphiyah I completely understand what you mean girl. It's Grace though, no one can begin to understand God's mind. He chooses who he wants to show mercy too. As Christians we can never know too much really. I too have chosen to just trust him. Thank yoy for stopping by.

    ShugasDiary I completely agree with you girl but what happens when those faith steps don't yield results?

    Grace Alex, thank you Grace, I look forward to reading the post.

  7. I believe that the answer to many of your questions is simple. The reality is that we must know God for ourselves. God is the author and finisher of OUR faith. It is important that whenever we get a word from someone else (like the lady giving birth) that the word was truly from God for us. Or the man who sowed his last and nothing happened, was God directing Him to do that? In my relationship with Christ I have learned that I am first and foremost to seek Him for myself. I think many people go off of the word of others or testimonies of others without asking the Lord if this is His will for me. Then there is the reality that many believers are not aware of how God speaks to them. The most precious thing we have as Christians is our intimate relationship with God. And if that is not developed through our own diligent seeking of Him, when it matters most, we do not how to hear Him. So, I believe in every situation because God loves us he reveals himself to us as needed. But we will miss Him if we don't know Him.