The Shirt Dress: A Closet Must-Have + 7 Ways to Style

The shirt dress is such an important closet must-haves. Now, I know I say this all the time about basics but the shirt dress is way to versatile for you not to have one. 

This particular shirt dress, was part of items in my last thrift haul mentioned in this post. This shirt dress immediately spoke to me once I spotted it at the market. All I could think about was the various ways to style it. Hence. for this post, I unbuttoned it over a tank top and little black pencil skirt. The entire combination gives the appearance of a little black dress (LBD). A few others way to style this shirt dress would be to:

1. Tuck it  into a a skirt or pair of trousers and throw a blazer over it, for a more corporate look.
2. Wear a long cami underneath it and style it as a dress paired with either sandals or heels for an easy breezy look.
3. Styled as a kimono over any fit like a jeans and tank top or LBD as styled in this look
4. Buttoned over a swimsuit on vacation
5. Fully buttoned with the last few buttons opened to flare out over a nice pair of colorful trousers or a mini skirt.
6. Styled as a dress over a flared peplum hem skirt, for extra drama
7. Finally, styled as a tunic over some tights.
Photography by Victor Audu

At the end of the day, anything with buttons offers more versatility. Like my blazer dress which was styled as a dress here and more recently styled as a blazer over a pair of jeans here. 
I do hope that after reading these outfit ideas, you're now convinced on the need to invest in a shirt dress. How would you styled your shirt dress? Which outfit option resonates more with you? What's one closet basic, that you'd swear by?

Shirt Dress: Thrift || Shoes: Zara || Belt: Random || Skirt: Sisters Closet

How have you been my beautiful people? It's been too long. I know I haven't been as consistent but I'm honestly at this un-bothered phase, of blogging when I want to and not because I have to. I do hope you understand.

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  1. I'm a fan of the shirt dress cos I can easily throw it over an outfit to complete a look. Wearing it as a jacket is definitely my favourite way to style it just the way you've paired it now.
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  2. @Iyesogie, thank you. Wearing it as a jacket is my favorite too because it's so easy breezy.