6 Ways to Style Ankara Prints to Work #workflow

When it comes to ankara prints, you've got to love them for being so versatile. One can take ankara prints from workflow to churchflow and even to a party. Now, how does one style ankara for workwear or to the office?

1. Midi/Pencil Skirts 
Incorporate ankara into your work wardrobe with a basic midiskirt just like this look or a pencil skirt. What's great about ankara skirts is that you can rock them to not only the workplace but also to church and even an outing.  Basically, everywhere!

2. Blazers/Vest
I'm yet to get that perfect ankara blazer but this staple is perfect for throwing a pop of print into any outfit.  If you're unsure of how to style it to work, just style it with plain-coloured bottoms.

3. Pants
What's more classic than a beautifully sewn pair of ankara flared or cigarette trousers? It's perfect for the workplace, enough said!

4. Tops
Try basic ankara shirts and blouses like this one styled here. Alternatively, you can opt for plain shirts with little ankara details on either the collars or pockets.

5. Accessories 
Bags, belts, earrings and even shoes are classic ways to take ankara prints to the workplace without doing too much.

6. Dresses/Jumpsuit
And of course, how can I forget one piece sets like jumpsuits or dresses. My favourite way to incorporate ankara into workwear is to opt for wrap dresses.
I previously styled this skirt here and hereI feel like I bring it back to the blog every year (covers face, no shame though). I believe in restyling pieces hence I paired it with my current favourite blazer styled here and here.

I hope you find these tips helpful as they apply to both women and men too!

Skirt: Tailor Made|| Blouse: Random || Shoes: Forever 21 || Blazer: Thrift

Would you wear ankara to the workplace? How do you incorporate ankara into workwear? 

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  1. I love the second to the last picture. And oh the outfit is so chic!!.
    Permit me to re-create this look!!!!! Thanks Sarah


  2. Love these tips! My navy blue double breasted blazer with a white button down and an Ankara pencil skirt is my fave! Love this shoot and how you styled the skirt! Sooo good ������

  3. Where's your blazer from?!!! It's so gorgeous!

  4. @Kezzygrace , thank you so much. Please recreate and tag me too

    @Amin, I really appreciate your support, it means a lot. I can totally picture the outfit and it has even given me inspiration for another post. Thank you for the compliment on the shoot, coming from you, it means alot

    @DemiAkin, I realize I forgot to put outfit details, just updated it now though. The blazer was a random thrift buy, thank you.

  5. Love this post!I think I have too much Ankara honestly... but yasss to making more work ankara

  6. Love this post!I think I have too much Ankara honestly... but yasss to making more work ankara