Cafes in Abuja: Kalakut Cafe

If you're looking for a place in Abuja to get some drinks, food and chill vibes then Kalakut Cafe is the place for you. After my visit to this spot, Kalakut cafe definitely makes the list of some of my top places to hang out in Abuja.

If you follow me on my instastories, you'd know I spent my last weekend shooting blog content at this spot. I actually discovered it thanks to reviews by Abuja bloggers, Kuyet Bamai and Demi Akin. This review was not exactly planned but I couldn't resist. This spot is every creatives dream and I'm just so excited to have found a new hangout place in the city. Let's get right into my thoughts. Most pictures were taken with my Samsung J7 neo by the way and boy am I impressed!

Based on my quick perusal of the Menu, I'd say the cafe is reasonably priced. I normally rate the affordability of restaurants based on the price of water and soft drinks which were under 300 Naira.

There seems to be quite a lot of variety with coffee, tea, cocktails and smoothies. We ordered the chocolate and raspberry frappe which costs 1,500 each. The drinks were so good, I was surprised. We especially loved the Chocolate Frappe which had a mild taste of coffee. I kept snapping to get the perfect shot while my sister sat there asking and wondering when we could start drinking (life of a blogger).

As for the ambiance, talk about aesthetics guys. I was actually given a tour of the premises and trust me there is so much more to this place, these pictures do not do it justice. I kept thinking the interior decorator deserves an award. The structure was actually made out of containers designed in a such avway that you would'nt even notice upon. There is also a balcony area and a separate cafe spot. The interior really got my creative juices overflowing.

Customer Service 
The customer service was pretty good guys but perhaps maybe it was because they knew I was a blogger. Either ways, we were attended to so nicely and that includes being allowed to take pictures with a camera on the premises (most restauants are not cool like this). I will keep you all updated if the service is different the next time I go.

 Kalakut Cafe is Located at Ventures Park, 29 Mambilla Street, Aso drive, the former US Embassy. The location is honestly not ideal as it's hidden. There was no sign board and if not for google maps (which surprisingly works in Abuja), we would have gotten lost. It sorta seems like they are trying to hide.

Unfortunately, we went on a day where they were not fully operating. Now would I go back again? Hell yeah! If for nothing else, I'd go there to buy a drink, take pictures and chill.

I actually did two blog outfit shoots there hence you'll seeing more of the cafe in the coming weeks. While I make plans to go try the food, Demi Akin posts should give more insight.

The Cafe opens from 9am – 8pm on weekdays and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays. Let me know how much you love it, when you stop by.

Have you ever been to Kalakut Cafe? What were your thoughts? What are some of your favorite spots, cafes, restaurants to eat or chill at in Abuja or your city?

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  1. The ambiance is amazing and those drinks you photographed look so yummy!

  2. @ChicTherapy, thank you, they were yummy

  3. This place is beyond stunninggg!!!!! I absolutely love it... though this eating out life in Abuja isn't my bank account's fave activity, I may check it out when I have awoof cash somewhere haha. Beautiful pics, and to think an affordable Samsung phone took them (don't iPhones take the best photos?). Just amazing