Colour Blocking: Still A Trend? Let's talk Rules

Is colour blocking still in trend in 2018? It's hard to say but in 2014, this trend was all the rage. Now while it may have faded, I'm still a big fan of colour blocking.  In my earlier blog days (see here, here and here), it was my favourite way to rock colours. 
However, growing up I was taught by my dad to never mix contrasting colours as that was colour riot according to him, but I do say he was wrong. Loud colours look great when styled together esepcially on brown skin. 

Now are there rules or a guide to pulling off colours? Not necessarily because style is personal. However, so you don't end up looking like a clown, take note of these three things .

1. Two Colours 
 Stick to only two contrasting colours like I did in this look. Getting this colour blocking trend could be tough so when in doubt, keep it simple. 
2. Accessories
One can mix colours with accesories like your shoes, bags, scarves and belts etc. It's one way to pull of this trend in a muted mode.

3. Neutrals 
Try incorporating neutral or monochrome tones like black, white, grey and add bursts of colour either with outerwear or with accesories as noted above. 

The following are some of my favourite colour combinations: yellow and pink; red and yellow; green and pink; pink and orange; blue and red; blue and yellow. What are yours? 

For more inspiration on how to rock colours check out Rita of Styled into Fashion, she has a way with colours.

These trousers are one of my best thrift finds (styled herehere and here). Today I paired it with my puff sleeve blouse styled here and my new favourite shoes, my gold pumps.

Top: Virtue Clothier Similar here, here || Trousers: Thrift || Shoes: Shoe Shop Ng

These pictures were also taken at Kalakut Cafe in Abuja, read my review here

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  1. Just have to comment on this look, really love it because I'm a huge fan of color blocking and colors in general and I love when other bloggers try to incorporate colors into their outfit not just neutrals which can be really boring and sad. I don't know if color blocking is still a trend but I don't really care about trends I go for what works for me.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  2. Beautiful, crisp photos, good color combo.

  3. I love this combination of vibrant colours It's been a while have seen you on the blog. Pls do drop by hunnay

  4. Hmm... I hate colours, but this has inspired me to trying our colour blocking.Thank you for the simple tips.
    Wish me luck!


  5. Love, love, love this! It's perfecctttttt. Now that I think about it, I have a shoot that I did a while ago that should suffice for a color blocking post.

    Off to draft one!Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. This post is right on time! I just bought a pair of yellow pants and I have been thinking of ways to wear them. You look beautiful as usual

  7. Colour blocking never went out of trend for me.
    I see it as something fun. I'm all for black and white, but once in a while, I'd like to colour up a bit.
    You look sweet.