How to Wear Oversize Clothes: 5 Tips

One thing I love about oversize clothing is the comfort associated with them. I don't know about you but loose fitting and baggy clothes are more appealing to me that a tight fitting outfit. However,  styling oversize clothes can be a little hard to pull off because if not done right, one can look homeless instead. So I'll be dishing you five tips to rock oversize clothing without looking sloppy. Before we forge ahead, I stumbled on this really helpful article by Holy-Chic talking about hacks on styling oversize clothing, check it out.
First of all, why would anyone want to rock bigger clothing? Well, for one, they are more comfortable due to the fit. You also don't have to worry about bumps or food babies (hello foodies). And contrary to popular opinion, bigger clothes make one appear smaller than reality. Finally, oversize clothing is more fashionable in my opinion, you may disagree however.

1. It's all about balance
If you're wearing a loose fitted top, opt for more fitted bottoms. There must be balance in what you're wearing. So if your shirt is loose fitting, pair it with some skinny jeans and vice versa.

2. Notice Texture and Materials
Fluid and free flowing fabrics like lace, chiffon and rayon are a lot easier to pull of when wearing bigger clothing. However, fabrics like wool and suede might make one look bigger if not styled right.

3. Define your waist
As women, when rocking bigger clothes you may not necessarily want to drown your entire figure. Hence, belts are my go-to in adding definition and better fit to my outfit . Belts also helps in balancing a look especially when rocking oversize pieces both on the top and the the button. Take a cue from this outfit. Another way to define your waist would be by simply tucking in. 

4. Heels
Heels are perfect for elongating your body and making the fit of your clothes less frumpy. For my petite girls, this tip applies especially to you, because the goal is not to look shorter.

5. Monochrome/Neutrals
Neutral colours like beige, nude, camel, grey, black and white, have a way of making one look put together. Hence if you're unsure, rather than opting for colours or patterns, stick to neutral tones.
Photography by Ruth Audu

Now when it comes to oversize fashion, I love incorporating my baggy vintage shirts, see previous looks here, here and here. Hence I paired my retro shirt with my red flare trousers and cinched in my waist with a brown belt. This look is definitely giving me vintage vibes especially with the faux natural Afro and retro shades.

Shirt: Thrift || Trousers: Feenadoglobal || Shoes: Zara || Bag:Unknown

Do you like oversize clothing? How do you like to style them? What tips do you employ so you don't  look homeless but effortless?

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  1. I prefer oversized clothing too, which is weird because as a child I hated anything that wasn't skin tight lol. This is such an awesome look, you make baggy look ��!! And that tip on colours is the truth

  2. @Vincent Desmond, lol my younger brother was the opposite, he only wore loose clothes growing up but now check him out slim fitting all his pants smh. Thank you so much, glad you relate with the tip.

  3. i love the way you styled this top with the pants. I agree with you on the comfort level and I love the cinched waist with the belt. Classy!

  4. @Amin Comfort is indeed key. Thank you, I love the belt too.

  5. This is really great Sarah! I love oversize clothes as well. The comfort is just amazing. Funny how I don't wear a lot of belts, but now that you mention it I guess I will keep that at the back of my mind.

    I love, love, love your hairrrrr!

  6. @Dive Into Mauve, thank you. The comfort is my favorite thing about oversize clothes. Belts are awesome though, I do hope you incorporate more of them. Thank you Tee, I love the hair too.

  7. I need to do better with defining my waist. Thank you, nice pictures too- fisayo

  8. Hi girl, nice post. This outfit is well put together. I agree a lot with waist definition and wearing heels to give the illusion of longer legs.

  9. You look fabulous and thanks for the tips.

  10. @Fisayo, yes it is so key and makes the difference too, thank you
    @LilyofNigeria thanks you darling
    @Stitchadress, thank you for reading.