The Death of Blogging? Do People Still Read Blogs?

If you don't own a blazer by now then  I don't know what else to do with you. In fact, I wonder if you even read my posts. Blazers are that one closet essential that everyone should own, it's the best way to dress up basics and leave you looking all smart. Now, with pastels back in with spring, I decided to style this peach blazer. The entire outfit is thrifted and will be available at my online Thrift Store shortly.  Yes, I've been working to relaunch and give you the chance to purchase some of my thrift finds. Who's ready?

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I've been wondering a lot lately about the blogging industry and it's seeming death, especially in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Do people still read blogs? One has to wonder especially with social media being all the rage now. I don't even read as many blogs as I used to. While this is mostly due to a lack of time and laziness, I've come to a point where I only follow up on my favourite bloggers and then stop at pictures on Instagram for others, I simply like and keep it moving. 

Why? Because these days, there seems to be more focus on social media particularly Instagram, which has taken the place of most blogs. Brands don't even ask for blog traffic as such, Instagram has become the new star of the day. Everyone is an influencer these days too! While change is the only constant thing in life, I have to wonder what will happen to blogs a few years from now. 

Photography by Ruth Audu

Happy Easter in advance beautiful people! I'm so excited for the long holiday as I'm in desperate need of a break from work (so tired of the 9-5 life). What are you guys up to this holiday? I'll be taking some time to rest, work on my blog and thrift store while of course celebrating my mom's 50th birthday!

Outfit: The Vintage Connection Nigeria || Shoes: Forever 21

Do you still read blogs? Which ones? And what keeps you coming back to blogs? Do you think blogs are dying down?


  1. Instagram is the blog Now! I totally aggreagree e with you, peoole don't read blogs like before especially if there have seen the picture already on Instagram for fashion bloggers.except if the topic is actually one that interest them, then they click the link.

    But then the important of blogs can't be overlooked. We just hope blogs don't die soon.

  2. If I’m honest, I don’t think blogs are as relevant as they used to be when it comes to fashion ESPECIALLY! The idea behind fashion blogs in the past was to provide inspiration and share tips but these days, it can be done easily via instagram and other social media platforms.

    However, I’ll still read blog reviews about places, experiences and all - basically stuff that needs a lot more explanation that a simple caption on social media can provide.

    I guess just the same way people moved from print magazine to online versions (and blogs), people will definitely move on to other things

    Demi Akin

  3. Firstly, I love your style. Definitely something I would try...and you look good in it. Secondly, I was meant to out up a post today concerning the future of blogging, I think you will like to read my perspective. I was going through your story and saw our post and I had to take a look. True, Instagram seems to be the rave at the moment, but as previous comments rightly point out, interests and reviews are what drives people to a blog these days.
    Hopefully you will read my blog post tomorrow and see let me know what you make of it.

  4. Love your take on this outfit. I think people are lazy to read blogs these days, but I am an exception and love to go on blogs to see full outfits, read comments and so on. And I think the recommendations on the above comments are true, which is why videos are a bit more successful.

  5. I don't think people still read blogs as much as they used to. If I am being honest. I actually fall into the category of people that are too lazy to read blogs and I blame it on my busy schedule but when I get a break I love to catch up on my favourite blogs and get a few recommendations on new blogs to read. Agreeable, Instagram and other social media platforms are now taking over especially when it comes to fashion.
    P.S-I love your outfit and I am also excited for the relaunch of your vintage store.
    My Style Look Book Series

  6. @Leema Lara, Instagram indeed is the new blog sadly, sometimes one has to wonder what's the point in even posting on a blog but I guess we just have to keep thinking of new ways to drive traffic to our spaces. Hopefully blogging will still be around for a long while.

    @Demi Akin, rightly said because the only constant thing in this life is change. I feel you though, I tend to read posts on reviews or more substantial topics as opposed to a simple outfit post. Social media can indeed be limiting for explanations.

    @June Ebube, thanks for the love. I would love to read your perspective, though you didn't leave a link. I also noticed a shift in interests from fashion to reviews hence my reasons for embracing them the more, only that they consume more time and in some cases funds. One has to wonder what the next rave of the moment will be.

    @Grace Alex, you know I had considered shifting to YouTube but I'm honestly not ready for the commitment. People are lazy and I'm one of them but I make exceptions
    @Ilamosi, I'm one of them too, I barely have time to keep up my blog with my schedule so I get it. Thank's girl, hope to see you buying a few pieces for yourself.

  7. People are definitely lazy to read, why read when i can just like and comment.
    still i feel it would die for a while and come back up. Blogs are really the only thing you can claim ownership of.
    love the belted blazer look you've on

    1. I agree with You, as bloggers esepcially on a domain nane, our blogs are our own. And I'm one of those people who's lazy to read esepcially since
      I feel that I never have time.

  8. I hope fashion blogs do not die. Instagram is just for pictures. Blogs, however, are for a whole lot more! Like, expression. On Instagram, I have to constantly mind my aesthetics and theme and everything (some pics I cannot post) but on my blog, I get to be ME which is a totally random person!
    I loooooove your blazers! Can I steal it? ❤