Brunch at The Cube Art Cafe Abuja with Alexis

Lately, I've been quite interested in exploring Abuja and this includes places to eat, shop, things to do, cafes to visit and all that good stuff.

And over the weekend I had brunch at the Cube Art Cafe with fellow Abuja based blogger, Alexis of Shades of Alexis. We actually met during my NYSC service year in Calabar, Cross River State of where she is a native. This review post is also in collaboration with her so stop by her blog guys, seriously!

I had heard about or should I say seen a lot of the Cube Art Cafe, prior to my visit.  Lifestyle blogger, Mimi of Mimiosa was one of the people that influenced my decision to finally visit this spot. It's extra colorful wall outside is a favourite amongst not only bloggers but Abuja residents. So of course, I couldn't wait to check it out and I'm glad I did. Let's get right into my thoughts, shall we?

I ordered a latte and paired it with a pan au chocolate which is just a fancy name for a chocolate croissant. My brother, who was our photographer of the day, got a burger and fries (which 
I tasted) with a smoothie of mango and pineapple. I'm more of a tea person but I enjoyed the latte while I found the croissant a little dry. The fries were good, crunchy with the right amount of salt. The burger was nice too, nothing spectacular simply a good old burger. My brother felt that the beef patty was perhaps too big for the bread. While I thought the portion size of the burger and fries could have been a bit bigger given the price. Alexis ordered a full English breakfast with the blend of the day, which was berries mixed with banana and milk. I thought the English breakfast was worth the price, she could barely finish it.

Cost breakdown in Naira:
Full English BreakFast: 3,000
Burger and Chips: 3,500
Mango and Pineapple Smoothie: 1,800
Blend of the Day: 1,800 
Iced Latte: 1,500
Hot Latte: 800

I'm all here for the ambiance. Apparently, the owners of the cafe are both artists hence the creative display of artwork. It really is a dream for every creative, simply walking in got me inspired. The walls were covered with various works of art, there were also books and cool looking seats. There was a nice selection of songs (R&B, Soul) playing gently in the background which I loved. We were told they have games as well. It also has a quiet and calming atmosphere which would make great as a working place or spot to have a casual meeting or chat with the girls. I could live there!

I'd say Cube Cafe is on the high side of affordable. The three of us spent a total of 11,200 with no additional service charge on the bill. The drinks were a tad higher than in most places. Also for the burger and fries, the price was a bit high considering the portion especially compared to the burger and fries I had at Metro Cafe. It is however still possible to spend 5,000 for two people, you would probably just have to go with snacks as opposed to real food. 

It's a big thumbs up for me on this. We were attended to by a lovely lady named Karen who made us feel at home while taking our orders with a smile on her face. This spot is definitely blogger friendly too as we were allowed to take pictures everywhere with no hassle at all (We spent almost 2 hours on and off). If only more places in Abuja or Nigeria, were cool like this because my going to this spot was influenced by the various pictures I had seen of it online. 

The Cube Cafe is somewhat hidden with its location at 16 Usuma Close, Maitama Abuja. One has to drive to the end of the street and enter a bigger gate as the cafe lies within the old Maitama Amusement Park. We almost thought google maps had failed us when we didn't spot the cafe immediately, so lookout for a sign at the gate or the famous coloured wall of the cafe.
Photography by me and Victor Audu

Overall I had a beautiful time catching up with Alexis, we talked blogging, niches, life and more spots in Abuja. Would I go back, Yes, yes and yes! The Cube Cafe will definitely be one of my go-to spots in Abuja. I mean, how often does one find a blogger friendly spot, with aesthetic goals and great customer service in Abuja? Be sure to read up on Alexis thoughts of the Cube Cafe on here blog

The Cube Cafe is open from Tuesday -Saturday 10-8pm, Sun 1-6pm and closed on Monday. You can check them out on Instagram or Facebook

Ever been to the Cube Art Cafe? What were your thoughts? What did you order? Did you enjoy it? Also what spot would you like me to review next?

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  1. To think I was in the Maitama Amusement Park on the same day for a book meet. Lol!

    I admired it from the outside and was thinking to myself that it would be good to go back sometime.

    Interesting post and really, really great pictures! And hey there! Alexis!!!!

    1. wow, small world lol. Let me know your thoughts when you go back again. And thank you, really working to get better at this photography thing.

  2. I have to visit this place now that you’ve reviewed it. I have been wanting to! 😁😁

    1. yay girl, please let me know your thoughts when you finally do. You'll love it I'm sure.

  3. You girl. Nice. Your picture game is on point. And now my body is doing me to go.

    1. thank you so much Deka. And lol if your body is doing you, it means it's a sign, better go oh, you'll love it!

  4. i would definitely be visiting this place soon but would most likely have the full English breakfast so i can get my money's worth.

    congratulations to the winner

    1. Let me know how much you love it and with the English breakfast, you'll definitely enjoy the value for your money.

  5. love this post...very cute hungry :-)

  6. Thank you so much for the giveaway Sarah. 💃💃💃
    I love the review but what I love most is your outfit. Did you notice how much you're resonating with the environment? And that red beret ♥️

    1. Lol that was the intent, I'm glad someone pointed that out. Finally getting on the beret trend I guess, better late than never. You're most welcome Favour, thank you for entering and for your feedback.

  7. Honestly your photos are amazing! Every picture of food had me nearly clutching my hungry stomach! Such a great post! You really did justice to this place!