Before the Numbers, was the Passion

Give me a more classic colour combination than black and white or monochrome, it's that life-saving colour palette, you can't go wrong with. And today's look features one of my all-time favorite trends, flared sleeves.

It's been a hot minute on here beautiful people, how you doing (in Wendy William's voice). The short break was completely unplanned and mostly due to circumstances beyond my control which eventually boiled over to laziness and procrastination. Lately, I've been looking back to some of my greatest blog milestones along this journey of four years. I mean, it's so easy to feel unmotivated when the going gets tough or when progress seems slow. 

But before content creators were defined by the number of followers or likes on social media especially Instagram, there was the genuine joy that came with creating. That satisfaction and passion that kept on going regardless of being noticed or rewarded. For me, it was my first 100 followers on the blog, hitting 10,000 views after three months of blogging. The first brand collaboration I ever did (which was free), back when exposure was enough because the thought of even being considered was humbling or even my first paid collaboration after years of pushing. 

Growth is great but with it comes complaints especially when it feels like your efforts are not matching your results. But before all the accolades and that feeling of self-entitlement that comes with fame, there were those little moments of joy and satisfaction with creating and being appreciated for it. It's so easy to get lost but I've been working to get back to that feeling of doing it for the passion. It's important to never forget how far we've come while we work to be better. It's important to never lose sight of past successes especially in the midst of failure. 

Photography by Ruth Audu

This look consists of items received from Virtue Clothier, a made in Nigeria brand that I've previously shopped and styled some pieces from before here, here and here. Today's look features two flared pieces because the only drama we really need in our lives is in our sleeves and flares in general.
 I'm not one to often wear skirts but this skirt was so worth it, it's definitely a keeper. And I'm totally here for the quality and fit. The top is lovely, quite trendy too, sadly it came with a hole but nothing too major that can't be fixed. The striped top is actually made of a netty slightly transparent material. This time around, I'd say this look is proudly made in Nigeria. You can actually shop this look below

Skirt: Virtue clothier here || Top: Virtue Clothier Similar || Shoes: Zara

 I'd rock this look to work or church, what about you?

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  1. Nowadays, we're so caught up in the numbers and whatnot. I mean I get it, we all want to grow right? But as you said, there was a time when passion ruled. I'm trying to get back to that and one thing I'm doing to help is creating content that I truly enjoy not creating what I think will fetch me more views. I suppose it's harder if one is a full time blogger and you have to make a living off this. But from time to time we all need to take a step back and remember why we started. Love the outfit, the skirt in particular actually. The shoes are super cute too! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I agree, it can be harder when one makes it full time, for me I'm thinking of just settling on keeping it as a hobby that pays occasionally because the more I push and invest, the less fun it gets and the more I wonder if everyone including me can really make a living from blogging. Just constantly reminding myself to keep my focus on why I started and why I will keep going regardless of of whether or not it pays. And to do this like you mentioned, one has to keep it real and do what you like, post when you want to etc. Thank you for stopping by

  2. Love the outfit, you look so good in all the pictures, can't even tell the top is netty at all from the pictures lol and this short bob really really fits you .... making me consider going to fix it now.
    The belt clinching the skirts add a lot of voom to the outfit.
    Think I've come to realise that to fully enjoy blogging again have to let go of all the expectations and just enjoy it and this may be hard tho with all the work that goes towards it won't hurt to see it pay off

    1. Lol thank you, I'm thinking of keeping bobs as my signature.You should fix it. If I recall, the style is very flattering on you too. Yes to the belt, glad someone get it, my mom often asks me why I insist on tying my stomach lol.
      Blogging is hard work, even without spending money it takes up a lot of time so its hard to really let go off those expectations but as you said, it really is the only way.

  3. This one that I have thought about over and over. Back in 2012/2013 when blogging was relatively genuine I had a lot of blogger friends we read each others blog and a comment from someone far away was everything.

    For a lot of us we had something to share and to find an audience out there was all we needed.

    Now with the numbers I can't kill myself 😂😂😂. I was chasing it for a while unconsciously -posting everyday on instagram, posting almost everyday on my blog, attending events every weekend trying to network hoping someway somehow it will affect the numbers and I thought to myself this is unhealthy.

    It's my blog I started it as a hobby, why am I this person spending so much time and so much money on something that is yielding little to no income.

    That's when I decided to keep everything, social media and my blog as a hobby and keep my sanity.

    Beautiful post Sarah and your outfit is gorgeous too.

    1. I can't kill myself either. The other day it struck me how much time I spend doing blog-related activities that sadly don't yield results. As much as I'd like to fully make a living from this, I've slowly resigned myself to the fact that I may just need to keep this blogging thing a hobby for my own sake. Because the more I push, the less passionate I am about it. So here's to getting back to doing it for the passion. To your first point, it's sad that blogger friendships are dwindling but I get it though! IG has taken over and it seems people have gotten busier. Most of the blogger friends I had in my earlier days, have either stopped actively blogging or are just focusing on IG. I do miss the genuineness of the earlier days though (sigh). Thanks for reading Damie, it's so nice to see you back on here again.