Styling Inscription T-shirts + Three Tips + Giveaway Closed

I've always been a big fan of graphic or inscription T-shirts. In fact, in my earlier style days, I had quite a collection of a variety of T-shirts. However, with adulthood and the embrace of my new style, I began to deviate from inscription T-shirt. Lately, I've been rediscovering my love for T-shirts hence this post. 

The great thing about T-shirts is that they can be styled up or down depending on an occasion and they are just perfect due to the simplicity associated with them. My minimalist T-shirt is made in Nigeria from Shop Nandra on Instagram. 

 This look which features my tassel sandals from Things Nigerians Love (TNL) and a pink peplum flared hem skirt, was my church flow yesterday. For some reason, probably my mom's 50th birthday, I felt the need to dress up a little more than I usually do. We went out for Thai food in Abuja, stay tuned for a review shortly. 

1. Simple way to upgrade your outfit
This outfit honestly felt incomplete at first until I plopped on this bag, added shades and lipstick. Talk about three quick ways to upgrade an outfit. 
2. Pull off a no-makeup look
With the exception of light foundation to cover my blemishes, I'm not wearing a full face of makeup but it works because of the shades and lipstick, so here's your tip to pulling off a barely-there makeup look.
3. Look Curvier
One way to appear curvier especially for my square shaped ladies, is to opt for a flared hem skirt. The tight fit on the waist will give the impression of a smaller waist while the flared hem gives off the illusion of a more curvier or fuller figure. On the rare occasion that I actually wear skirts, this fit is my go-to

Photography by Ruth Audu

Happy Easter beautiful people! I hope we were all able to get some rest and be productive as we reminisced on the true essence of the holidays. When Jesus Christ died for us, he gave us the power, victory and freedom over all death, sin, bondage, sickness. And I'm so thankful that we no longer have to sacrifice animals but we can freely come into his presence to worship. May we have the grace to never take his ultimate sacrifice for granted. 

Shirt: Shop Nandra || Shoes: TNL  || Skirt: Thrift 

To say a little thank you for all your support over the last years and in celebration of 10k followers on Instagram, I'll be giving away this pair of heels pictured in this outfit or any other pair of shoes of TNL

1. Go to TNL and pick a pair of shoes Here
2. Comment Below telling me the size and shoe you want
3. Write one thing you like about my blog, one thing you'd like me to improve on and what more you'd like to see on here.
4. You must be following me on FacebookTwitterInstagram
5. You must be subscribed to my blog (I'll check)

The Giveaway is open Nationwide, shipping charges apply if you're based outside Abuja. The winner will be announced in my post on Friday, 6 April 2018.  Good luck and Thank you!

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  1. I love the font used on the Tee and those shades are so cute.

  2. Congratulations on reaching 10k followers on IG. I want the TNL Grey heel slingback (Size 39). I love your Sarah speaks and fashion posts. I will love to see more reviews and fashion styling posts.
    P.S- I love how you styled your Inscription Tee.
    My Style Look Book Series

  3. I would love to win the TNL CAMEL TOE TASSEL HEELS (size 39). I love your reviews,fashion styling posts because I can easily recreate mine through them, like your blog because i can relate with things you post and would love to see more bits and experiences with thrifting

  4. For the giveaway, I love the 'TNL TASSEL BROGUES IN PATENT BLACK' size 39. SarahSpeaks is the section I love the most about this blog. I'd love for you to improve on the consistency of the SarahSpeaks posts. Then I'd love to see stuff like chat sections (not interviews) about girly issues with bloggers, brands or even random persons who have intelligent and honest opinions. I believe it'll make even more spectacular.

  5. I love the 'combo' simple and unique.
    For the giveaway: I want the TNL tassel heel(the exact one on this post - size 39) I love the way you style it.

    I love your blog because of how you manage to put in your 'faith' to almost every post.
    I will love you to continue your style post, I love it and how you talk about christ in your everypost, I will like you to improve on your networking and get to know more about your followers/veiwers.

    I'll really love to style this heel on my blog too

  6. Congrats on 10k watched you grow and you're a huge inspiration to me.
    For the giveaway I would love TNL CAMEL TOE TASSEL HEELS in Eur38
    I love how you take and basic things and style them. Like the Ankara to work look was so good, really good for people like me who is about to start working
    Would love for you to take more risk with your style, like wear more colors and prints. Would love to see more of you girl. Congrats again
    IG: @iamyeychii

  7. Congrats on 10k Sarah, very well deserved! I would love the TNL tassel brougues in rose gold (size 36 UK 3).
    The blend and effortless delivery of fashion, faith, inspiration and lifestyle posts is one of the things I love about your blog, you do an amazing job.
    As for what you need to improve on, probably more collaborations with other bloggers.
    I would love to see more blogging tips that you think might help us to be better.

    For some reason, I'm really feeling those sunglasses. Great post!

  8. I like the black tnl camel toe tassel heels( the one you have on in this post) in the size 39
    I like your blog for its simple and original contents, I never get bored of piercing through it especially with the good picture quality, I’d definitely shoot with your sis when am back home in Abuja
    I’d like you to improve on the consistency of your posts, I always anticipate to see more and who doesn’t like good timing right?
    I’d love to see more of your thrifting endeavors which I always follow along on instagram, the wuse market and stuff especially now that I started my thrift store which you are welcomed to check on instagram @thriftwithjhune
    I’m a blogger as well and my instagram ID is @stylebyjhune

  9. i would love the TNT bubble gum sling back in size 38
    i love the Sarah Speaks segment( i dont think segment is the right word but you get what im saying)its insightful, and very honest.
    i think you improve on the blog layout for easier navigation so i can clic a button from the homepage that directs me straight to posts on Sarah speaks, fashion or reviews, what im trying to say is compartmentalize on the home page maybe just a corner(i really hope im making sense)
    i would lovee love love more product reviews froom you, you are brutally honest about reviews and i love it!! that's why when sarah says a product is good i can bank on it its different from the bandwagon who go wow wow guys this product is amazing, i buy same product and it sucks! so please more reviews

    congrats on 10k more to follow
    IG theidunnu

  10. First off, congrats babe on reaching 10k on Instagram. It's been a long time coming as you have super amazing content. For the giveaway, I would love the TNL FRAYED DENIM STRAP HEELS size 40 (I've been wishing for denim heels since forever).

    My favorite part of yourblog has to be the Sarah speaks section. Though I'm a silent reader, I enjoy reading your thoughts about controversial/faith issues and also what the commenters think. Also, not a lot of Nigerian style bloggers have sections like that on their blog, thats one of the things that makes yours unique. Keep it up girl. Also Your style posts are well curated and I like that you have different ways to style particularly basic items to make them pop.

    For improvements, Girl I want more place reviews especially restaurants. I would be visiting Abuja soon and after reading your Metro cafe review I would want more of that. I love how detailed the post was. Also I want to follow you around more. I genuinely enjoy watching my favorite content creators so If you could use IG stories a little bit more, please for me? And a blogging tips section too would be great, You've been in the game a while - I'm sure there's a lot your readers could learn.

    Whew, this has been a long comment but Cheers to better blogging days ahead!

    Subomi|My Fashion Musings

  11. Hey Sarah! 10k what!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations dear. My best part of your blog has to be the way you style your oversized clothes (esp cullottes which I'm going to steal from your wardrobe some day). I feel like you should share your blogging journey more, newbies like us would like to know.

    I love the TNL ‘BUBBLE GUM’ SLING BACK (39). If I have it ehn, chai! Congrats again darling. You deserve it

  12. Hey dear. I'm supper proud of you and you already know you inspire me. The thing is I enjoy how you are you and you taught me that. No faking just you. At a point I thought you have to protray this perfect persona to be able to make it but watching you now I feel other wise. Thanks for all the work you put in for us and for always liking my pictures and even commenting. Most people won't.

    What I wanted is for you to break down your blogging journey so I wee not finish you with my plenty plenty questions and more collaboration with other Abuja bloggers. Link keep me. Winks. U know now. If I have any question I'll just come here and read for myself. It will really help us your followers.
    The shoe I want is the tank brougue in silver. Size 41. Thanks.. Kisses.

  13. You look so beautiful love...

  14. Hey Sarah
    I love inscription tees too and lately you've been wearing more of them.
    I love that you blog modest fashion. The Christian lifestyle talks and your style, I can relate to. It's easy to recreate, which is something I love. Plus I still don't know anywhere in Abuja, so I like your reviews of places... I've been making a bucket list. 😊

    I'd like to see a fashion DIY here and there,if you're into it, and Fashion tips too.
    Also do you write? I'm curious.

    I'd love the black tassels heels just like yours...dinner is around the corner. I'm a size 41.
    Thank you.

  15. Hi Sarah, for the giveaway, I will like the TNL Tassel Heels in Black - size 38.

    I love your style posts and things I will like you to improve on... Random chit chats, Life Lately - share what you enjoy watching, reading and listening to. Things like that.
    Thank you

  16. Lovely outfit. I love the tee... I am a minimalist.