How to Style Palazzo Trousers: Simple Tips with Debs

My love for palazzo pants or wide-leg trousers is no secret especially if you've been reading the blog even for a short while. For me, this is attributed to the comfort associated with such pieces and the modesty it offers especially since it sits quite loosely on one's body. Now whether one is set for work, vacation or church, the palazzo trousers are one fit that offers both comfort, versatility and works for various body types as seen in this collab.
And today in collaboration with Debs of, we are both showing you our style interpretation of these type of trousers. I first met Debs at the Blogger Point Bruch in Abuja in 2017. Okay, maybe not met, we saw each other but didn't get the chance to really talk. Anyways she was actually sporting a lovely pair of trousers and made one of my best looks

Now, when it comes down to styling loosely fit trousers or clothing in general, the most important thing is the definition and fit in you. I love debs incorporation of mixed prints with a stripe off-shoulder top and floral trousers. Plus check out how she defined her waist with a chic simple belt. 

Here are four simple  tips to consider when styling palazzo trousers:
1.  Define your waist with the addition of a simple belt
2. Or much easier, high waist pieces will generally make you look curvier and give you the appearance of a smaller waist. Try tucking in to ensure proper fit as well. 
3. For my thicker ladies, try opting for a pair that has a more fitted look on your hips and flares out on the legs. This will help to create the right balance on you
4. If done right, these pants can make you look taller or slimmer as well. Longer wide trousers paired with heels especially can make my petite girls appear taller. And with the right fit, my curvy girls you can look more snatched and cover your flaws too.

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Now for my look, I went for pastels paired with a burgundy puff sleeve made in Nigeria top. I actually already have this top in mustard styled here and here. I simply defined my waist by tucking in the shirt. By the way, both our trousers were also made in Nigeria by Omotolanie for a cost of about 6k, its safe to say this is one of the best well-made trousers I've purchased in Nigeria. The fabric is of such great quality and the finishing was done quite well too, I'll definitely be buying more. 
Photography by Ruth Audu

I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet some of the awesome people I've come across in this blogging thing. Collaborations are so important for a diversity of content and also to create strong networks. To end this, however, I will say when it comes to meeting new people, friendships should never be forced. You are not going to hit it off with everyone you come across, neither is every blogger a friend simply because you engage with each others content. And that's perfectly okay. But at the end of the day networking is too important for one to ignore it.

Trousers: Omolaniee || Top: Virtue Clothier On Sale here

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How do you style your palazzo trousers? Which look is more relatable to your personal style?
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  1. I love loose pants so much because they are super comfortable.

    I enjoyed reading this post

    1. That's makes two of us. Thank you for shopping by, glad you enjoyed this.

  2. You made the style come so alive. And it was great doing this with you, Sarah

    1. Thanks Debs, nice doing this with you too.

  3. Palazzo pants are so comfortable, you 2 did justice to your outfits. Looking great.

    I totally agree with you on collaborations. Hope to do some collaborations as soon as I get the time this year.
    Modavracha | Abuja-Based Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you onyinye for reading and stopping by

  4. I believe you are so right about the blogger collaboration thing. Friendship should never be forced and sometimes you may appreciate someone but that's where it stops. Sometimes.
    You look good here.

    1. Exactly, emphasis on sometimes though. Thank you for stopping by.