9 Everyday Makeup Essentials for the Basic Girl

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In a new twist, today we'll be talking beauty with my nine recommended makeup essentials for an everyday face, a basic girl or beginner. Before we move on, I am not a beauty blogger nor will I ever be. Neither am I a makeup enthusiast because it really isn't my thing, however, over the years of trial and error, a couple Youtube tutorials here and there, I've found a way to work my makeup and look put together like someone who actually knows what they are doing for the most part. With that being said, here are my nine recommended makeup essentials for the basic girl who's not exactly a makeup gal like myself. 

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1. Primer (here)
A good ol' primer is perhaps one of the most important items in your makeup bag. Why? well, it determines how long your makeup lasts and the overall outlook of your face, especially for all the oily girls like myself. While you can get away without a primer, to get your makeup to last longer, invest in a reliable primer.

 2. Eyebrow Kit (here)
If you're trying to go for a more flawless, natural-looking eyebrow, I suggest getting an eyebrow kit. While I usually use only a brow pencil to draw my eyebrows, I have noticed the difference when using a brow kit. 
 3. Foundation (here)
A good foundation when blended right and perfectly matched to your skintone can take your makeup game from zero to hero in a matter of seconds, especially if you're skin is not so great. You may disagree but for me once my eyebrows and foundation is laid, I'm basically good to go. 
 4. Concealer (here)
Perhaps you don't have the best skin and want to cover your flaws. Or maybe you want to highlight and contour to give your face more structure and angles, then get yourself a concealer. Frankly, I feel this is one product I can do without especially when a foundation does a good enough job of covering flaws. So here's a tip, a full coverage foundation can cancel out the need for a concealer. 
 5. Powder (here)
We all need a good powder to set that foundation and make it even more flawless. Enough said.
 6. Eyeliner (here)
Eyeliner is that product your use to widen your eyes and make your eyes appear bigger, this is great if you have smaller eyes. This product is very key too because it can open your eyes especially if you are prone to dark circles or have droopy eyes.
7. Mascara (here)
A good mascara basically enhances the work of a dependable eyeliner. The great thing about a good mascara is that you can actually do without an eyeliner if your lashes are either longer, fuller, or made perfect by mascara. What makes a great mascara is the applicator, in my opinion. 
 8. Lip Liner (here)
When opting for bright lip stains or sticks, a lipliner comes in handy to set your lips and make the colour blend more naturally. Think of a lip liner as your setting power.

9. Lipstick (here)
And of course, how can we forget a lipstick. This for me is one of the more important essentials. A good suitable lip colour can instantly make it seem as if you put way more effort into your makeup. My favourite colour palettes are red, burgundy and browns. 
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What are some of your makeup essentials? Do you agree with this list? What would you add or take away? What are some of your most important beauty products?

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  1. Primer and Mascara for the win! Lovely post


  2. Foundation and eye pencil always changes everything especially with my chapstick. Most times I forget the lipstick and I'm good to go.

    1. Lol I have darker lips hence lipstick is my go-to unless I'm lazy. I agree with you foundation and liner are always game changers.

  3. Onoriode Oghenetega16 Jun 2018, 15:15:00

    the best part of my makeup are the brows and i love em so much...

    1. They take so much time though especially for those of us with no brows