Bricks Cafe Wuse 2 Abuja

Abuja, Nigeria seems to be buzzing with new spots and places, most especially with cafes popping up all the time. Lately, I find myself often on the hunt to discover aesthetically pleasing places to eat, chill and also have fun in Abuja. I recently checked out Bricks Cafe located in Bricks Point Boutique Apartment in Wuse 2. 
 I had earlier seen pictures and posts of this spot by Abuja based bloggers Kachi of Staples and Vanessa Ohaha. Upon further research, I decided I wanted to check it out. Now I don't know about you but as a blogger what influences my choice to usually visit a place is not necessarily the food but the vibe and ambiance because well Instagram pictures. I met up with Didi of Cutey Prexy, for a quick brunch date and chat.  Let's hop right into my review of the Bricks Cafe.

Upon entering the cafe, you're met with such a calming and cool atmosphere. The walls were also covered in various paintings, artworks, and texts. The seating arrangements were artistic and sort of mismatched but everything worked so well together. I loved the yellow wall especially, and the addition of indoor flowers.

The cafe also has an outdoor section which in my opinion is the perfect spot for that Instagram shot. I loved the hanging lanterns and the wooden benches which went perfectly with the greenery outside. However, due to the hot humid weather, we sat inside.

Smoking Area:
We were as well shown the smoking room which was well ventilated and only had a very faint smell of tobacco. I loved the contrasting pieces of artwork on the walls and the vintage phone which took me back in time.
The menu is basically the standard with breakfast options and mostly coffee which was good by the way and a few options for tea. I ordered an iced latte, my go-to choice when indulging in coffee. Didi, ordered an English breakfast tea and a Tuna Panini (not pictured), which she said was good but a tad bit overpriced. In addition to the breakfast menu, they had several other options as well, If you'd like more details about the food and menu, check out a review by Abuja Food Diary

Heres' the breakdown
Tuna Panini (fancy name for a sandwith) = 3,500
English Breakfast Tea = 950
Iced Latte = 1,800
service charge = 10%
Based on my perusal of the menu and our order, the Bricks cafe is slightly more expensive than some other cafes in Abuja.

Customer Service:
I honestly have no complaints about the service. Our waitress was very attentive and very willing to assist to take pictures of us, sadly she never got it but she deserved an A for effort. As evidenced in this post, we were freely allowed to take pictures which is a sharp contrast to a lot of businesses in Nigeria, so this is another positive as well.

Quite ideal but easy to miss. A landmark would be Vision FM. It is located at 11 Adzope Crescent, Wuse, Abuja

Free Wifi on request for as long as you're there.

Opening Hours:
So would I go back? Yes of course, if only to order a drink, sit around, chill, have good conversations while taking in some cool vibes. 
Ever been to the Bricks cafe? What are your thoughts? What did you order? Whats your favorite place to hang out in Abuja or your city? What other spots do you have on your radar? 

Edit: Unfortuntately the Bricks Cafe has closed down.
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  1. This place looks so beautiful! Plus your mulesssssssssssss.
    You make yellow look so stunning.


    1. Lol it is beautiful indeed, but sadly they've closed down. And lol thank you, I've overrocked these shoes really.

  2. I'm definitely checking this place out. thanks for sharing all these amazing locations details.

  3. Really beautiful spot! Just saw your edit,why did it close down though?