Styling Bold Colours + Why You Should Too

Wheather you're trying to stand out, let your clothes do the talking or make your outfit a lot more interesting, bold colours are it. 
Today in collaboration with Didi of  Cutey Prexy, we are embracing one of 2018's summer fashion trend, bold colours. Back in the day in 2014 pairing contrasting colours in a trend called Colour Blocking was all the rage. I mean everyone and their mama was throwing colours together.

For me, styling bold colours like red and mustard have always been my go-to when it comes down to fashion, be it an unconscious move or perhaps my modest style, I often find myself drawn to them.

However, when it comes down to styling bold colours it would seem that a lot of us are shy or unsure of how to. Perhaps it boils down to what colours to pair or what colours may flatter but it really is that simple and I broke it down in this post. Today, we'll be talking about why you should wear more bold colours.

1. Make a Fashion Statement 
If you're trying to be the centre of attention, then you'd want to incorporate more bold colours. Pairing bold colours can even be a conversation starter as well.

2. Make Your Clothes More Interesting
Clothes have a tendency to get boring especially if your style is somewhat basic or modest like mine. Now one way I make my outfit pairing more interesting is to opt for more colours which do the trick always as some of my best/favourite looks always feature loud colours.

3. So Flattering on Melanin
A simple fact really, bold colours are just so flattering on melanin, enough said. Not to sound biased though, bold colours also look great on other skin tones as well but be sure to find the best-suited colours for your skin tone. 

Photography by Blessing Audu

In today's post Didi and I channeled summer vibes. Now, while Didi opted for a crochet fashionnova two-piece crop top and flared pants set paired with a straw bag, I went for a floral styled kimono top paired with a pair of pants and belted over in the waist. I love that fact that we both opted for mustard mules which complemented both of our looks don't you think?

Mules: ShopRBJ

Are you a fan of bold colours? What are some of you're favourite colours or combinations?

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  1. I love bold colors. My favorite is orange.

  2. Orange is lovely esepcially colours like burnt orange.

  3. bold colors shows how bold you can be. Nice post Sarah.