5 Women on Dressing for Your Body Type

Do you know your body type? Well, learning to dress for your body type is perhaps one of the most important rules of fashion that can not be overstressed. The truth is what works for person A may not work for person B.  Whether you are pear-shaped, rectangular-shaped (banana), apple-shaped or having an hourglass figure, you must know what works for you in order to get the best fit and slay each look.

Now after preaching and preaching about body types, I thought it would be fun to bring in four other ladies to share how they dress for their body types thus today's collab features four amazing Abuja based bloggers.
They are:

Alma of Style Cheapskate, Larisa Larisa Le Fleur, Onyinye of Modavracha and Eno of Uyai by Eno

Larisa is no stranger here as we collaborated on a Breast Cancer Awareness post and Holiday Style Guide. Y'all know alma too, we worked together on Styling a Basic White shirt and recall I met Onyinye at the She Lead Africa event. Now, Eno is a new face here but I'm so excited to have everyone on here! Let's hop right into this!

1. Rectangle Shaped 
You have this body time when there is no major difference between your bust and hips, meaning you have no dip or clear distinction in your waist. Now if you're like me or Onyinye then this is your body type. The trick is to create a waist so opt for high waist pieces that are extra fitted on the waist. Belts are always a good idea and so is tucking in. The goal is to make your waist the star of the show always. I tend to go for baggier pieces which make my waist appear smaller as you've noticed. Your body type can also change with weight gain too. In recent times my weight gain has given me the appearance of a curvier figure. Now if you're tall like Onyinye, opting for pieces to display your extra-long legs is another way to go.
2. Hour Glass
This is the ideal body type which describes a person with hip and bust measurements nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist measurement. Larisa embodies this body type. Basically, anything works for you. You might want to opt for fitted dresses and trousers to showcase your body. And if you're petite like Larisa you'd want to look taller too, so shorter hem dresses or cropped pants should be the go-to for you. Verticle stripes is also a good idea.
3.Pear Shaped
Like the fruit itself, a pear-shaped person has a wider hip than the bust and is bottom heavy. With this figure, you'd want to balance it up thus go for tops with drama like the off-shoulder or ruffled,  a peplum top is good start too. I believe Eno is this body type and extra curvy too (plus size). Always keep in mind your proportions. 

4. Apple Shaped
This is someone who carries most of their weight on their upper body thus you'd have broader shoulders, bigger bust, arms or tummy area. Alma is this body type.The goal with this figure is to even everything out by going for pieces with drama for the lower body drawing attention away from the bust or shoulders. Flared or A-line skirts and bell bottom pieces will do just that. A mermaid type of skirt would do the trick too.
Photography by my Sister
Do not take dressing for your body type too seriously as you're allowed to wear whatever you want as long as you're comfortable. However, following guides and dressing accordingly to your body type is just a way to help you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my beautiful ladies dressed in a way that's best suited for their body types. 

Learn more on how to specifically dress for your body type by heading over to each ladies blog below.
Alma of Style Cheapskate, Larisa Larisa Le Fleur, Onyinye of Modavracha and Eno of Uyai by Eno

Do you know your body type? How do you dress for it? What are you go-to fits or pieces? Was this post helpful? Were you able to identify with your body type?

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  1. I have the hour glass figure but i have thick thighs and skinny legs. So I always wear High waited pants as they elongate my thick thighs. For Tops I wear any type really but mostly T shirts. My fashion is more masculine than feminine. I feel more comfortable and confident in them. This post was actually a good read.


    1. Thank you for stopping by Tonye. What you said is just a perfect example of the point that each body type can still have differences thus one just needs to explore and figure out what works for one's body and style too. And comfort is a factor that should always be considered in style.

  2. I think that the trick for every body time is to find your natural waist. My natural waistline is pretty high, so high waisted pants and skirts accentuate my hips and lengthen my legs. This was such a good post and very well executed.

    1. I agree Vanessa, we're all trying to achieve and hour glass which is the ideal huh. I do that too, I'm always going for high waist pieces to make my hips appear wider and waist smaller. Thanks so much for your feedback and for stopping by.

  3. I think I’m somewhere in between pear shaped and apple shaped. Lately, I have learnt to dress in clothings that suit my body type. I use to be the one that want to wear what the other girl wears until I discover this doesn’t always work.

    I love how you ladies have focused on this important part of fashion life and even using relatable images to justify this.


    1. It's definitely possible to be between body types. You go girl for learning how to flatter your body with your fashion sense. Yay thank you so much for reading and stopping by too.

  4. Thank you for making me a part of this ❤️�� beautiful collab.