How to Build Your Network x She Leads Africa Lafiya Lifestyle Expo

I find that the older you get, the more important it is for you to have a good network of people. Afterall, as is often said "you are only as good as the network of people you have." Now how does one build a good network?

Well, over the weekend, I attended the She Leads Africa, Lafiya Lifestyle Expo held at the Sarius Palmetum Botanical Garden in Maitama Abuja, during which I attended a session by She Leads co-founder, Afua Osei on how to build your network and get the most out of networking events. I picked up five tips which I will be sharing in this post.

1. Know Your Personality Type
The most common mistake we make when it comes to networking is going about it the wrong way for our personality. We all relate and connect differently with people based on our personality type, hence it's important to, first of all, identify what type, whether introvert, extrovertambivert and figure out what works best for you. An example Afua gave was noting that she was an introvert hence at events she usually targets smaller groups or looks out for individuals just hanging around. 

2. An Elevator Pitch
An elevator pitch basically answers in as little words as possible, who you are, what you do, why it matters, and why it's different. The main takeaway with this is to make sure you put first, that one line that people will easily remember you for. I've always felt pretty confident and thought I had my pitch down to some extent but after the session I realized I need more practice and research too. Thus I put out a question asking why you follow me on Instagram and the responses have been so helpful and I think I've got it down so here goes my elevator pitch...

"My name is Sarah Audu, I teach women how to be fully covered and still fly in the 21st Century. I do this through my website and social media platforms where I also use my personal style and lifestyle as mediums to talk about my faith and various thoughts on social issues". 

How did I do?

3. Create Value
The question we should all be asking ourselves is "how can we add value to the people around us?" More common than not, some us of us seek people for what they can do for us rather than what we can do for them. Now if you've ever been in such a position you'd agree that your immediate instinct is to write off such people who we call gum-body people in Nigeria and opportunist in English.  So what's your selling point or something unique about you? For businesses, if you're in an industry where everyone is doing the same thing, you have to find something that will differentiate you. 

4. Build a Platform
Find a way or place to put yourself out there. There are several ways to sell yourself. You could hop on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram which are all great places to meet people and sell yourself. As a blogger, I sell myself through my website and social media platforms. Also, invest in yourself and what you offer before telling people about it.
Bonus Tip
If you're a woman struggling with how to deal with annoying men that always want more than a business relationship (and you're not interested), here are a few things to note
  •  Be upfront and decline the offer.
  •  Joke about it and laugh it off.
  • Bring into the picture, a male figure like a boyfriend or husband as most respectable men would back off when the presence of another man is evident.
  • Keeps things as professional as possible by avoiding late-night calls, chats or being overly friendly, thus you might want to stay off a first name basis with some people and keep it at "Mr...". 

 As for the overall event. I had a worthwhile time and I'm glad I had an opportunity to reconnect with fellow bloggers and learn a few new things plus explore a new spot in Abuja. I hung out with Onyinye of Modavracha, for the most part of the event, she had a refreshing mindset about blogging which was quite different from most bloggers and she took my picture is this post. 
As this is still afterall a fashion blog, see below for the few shots I took of other people's outfits during the event.
Meanwhile, if you'd like to read more about the event check out posts by  Oyinye of Modavracha and Amaka of  Mind of Amaka

Do you have an elevator pitch? I'd love to hear it, please share. Let's critique ourselves and learn together.

Don't be a stranger, talk to me!


  1. You did very well Sarah, I love the pictures you took at the end. I am glad there are more events holding in Abuja and people can now connect with other like minded bloggers.

    1. Thanks you Grace and would you believe it was an afterthought. I'm glad for more events too,remember those days where Abuja was sorta like a ghost town lol

  2. I like your elevator pitch. Worked on mine recently and learnt about it from the bloggers advocate branding class.

    The part about guys wanting more was annoying and adohr said something about calling them sir till the deal was over and not being over friendly.. I noticed I was over Friendly because that’s just me but that habit will be kicked when it comes to business with the opposite sex.

    I like how easy and good you look

    1. Thank you Funke and that's awesome
      That's the spirit and lol, sir, I'm taking notes
      Thank you