Exploring Jabi Boat Club Abuja #JBCExperience

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to explore further the Jabi Boat Club located by the famous Jabi Lake in Abuja.
Now, this wasn't my first time at Jabi Boat club. Sometime in 2017, I had a brunch date with Tee of Dive into Mauve at the club following several reviews by Alma of the stylecheapskate. 

For those who don't know, the Jabi Boat club is a hub for water-based recreation in Abuja. They offer boat cruises, jet ski rides, an event venue as well as food through the Woodhouse Restaurant.

Sex on the beach cocktail
Blogger Jojo
Alongside 11 other Abuja influencers, we were hosted by captain Ferguson to a boat ride with cocktails along the lake. The weather was gladly in our favour thus making everything so serene and peaceful. We were also offered a view of the Jabi Lake Mall and Fisherman's settlement. I found it quite admirable that the boat club seeks to sponsor through school, some of the people of the Fisherman's community as part of its social corporate responsibility.
Captain Ferguson 
Bloggers Gerald and Jojo
Blogger Kuyet, the man who set this up
Fisherman's Village
The Food  
My first time at the clubhouse, I honestly found the food underwhelming, I had ordered a burger and my date ordered the chicken and fries which she said was quite bland. However, this time around I had the burger once again which tasted much better. But of course the Strawberry Daiquiri is a must-have, it was made so well too. The boat club offers discounts during happy hour on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12pm-4pm. If you'd like a more thorough review of the food, read this post by Abuja Food Diary
Strawberry daiquiri 

The Ambiance 
One thing that struck me about the clubhouse both last weekend and my first time there was the ambiance! The restaurant itself is shaped like an actual boat with bamboo rafts, faux sand surrounding it and the Jabi Lake serving as the water body. Y'all know in Abuja we don't have beaches so this was quite refreshing as for a moment it felt like I had stepped out of the country and was on vacation.
Final Thoughts 
Overall it was a great experience that reminded me of the need to explore our city and discover new spots and sights as we often tend to get caught up wanting to travel abroad. 
If you prefer a quiet environment that offers you a chance to have a good conversation like me, then you might want to go from 1-4pm as it tends to get rowdy with more people, loud music (old school vibes courtesy the on-point Dj) and people smoking in the evenings. 
Might I add that the customer service was annoyingly good too. I remember my first time at the club, we were constantly checked up on by Captain Ferguson who kept asking if we needed anything. And that left a lasting impression. I'm sure he doesn't remember. 
Blogger Tonye 
Photography by me, Jojo and Tonye

Now would I go back again, yes and yes! I loved the vibe of the place and the fact that for a moment I felt like I had traveled out of Abuja which is something I've been wanting to do for so long.

For more information about the Boat Club, boat cruise or other services, please visit their Website, Facebook, Intagram, and Twitter

This post was sponsored by Jabi Boat club but all opinions and thoughts are mine. 

Have you been to the boat club before? What was your experience like? What spot in your city would you like to explore? I currently have Usama Dam on my list of places to explore in Abuja.

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  1. I really like the review, especially the pictures, my brothers have been disturbing me about going and now i know why. hopefully when I go there my food will be amazing cause I'm such a foodie and i will be angry if its not

    nice review and pictures sarah, when you gon start photography lessons


    1. My advice is to stay safe with orders like fries or chicken, though I think it's better now though based on what I had the last time I went. Thank you so much Funke. Lol I try oh, its mostly the camera that makes it so easy.

  2. I love the pictures and review, will definitely visit if I can manage to leave my house *sigh

    1. Lol I'll take you if you want oh, I leave my house all the time. Thank you