#Madeinnigeria: Ankara Jumpsuit to Work

Locally made brands in Nigeria coined under #madeinnigeria have taken the production industry by storm, which is awesome! While there has been a push to support more made in Nigeria brands, several concerns have been raised over the said quality, durability and price of some of these products.

Now as a fan and advocate of made in Nigeria brands as you may have noticed, I thought to embark on a campaign promoting and reviewing some of these brands, both old and new. Thus for the next couple of weeks, I'll be styling strictly Nigerian brand's as well as sharing my thoughts on them too. Follow my hashtag on Instagram #madeinnigeriabyprincessaudu to stay in the loop!
wearing ankara jumpsuit to work
wearing ankara jumpsuit to work for workwear
Made in Nigeria brands

Today's focus is all about Bubu Blaq.  A made in Nigeria clothing brand that focuses on incorporating ankara fabrics in modern designs which I love. I'm wearing an Ankara Jumpsuit by Bubu Blaq, I layered a white shirt underneath to make it more modest and it immediately looked work appropriate. 

Would you be bold enough to rock ankara to work though? Especially a print like this? I definitely would. However, there is this notion that ankara is not necessarily formal or work appropriate thus in some workplaces,  wearing ankara prints is either not allowed or restricted to Friday where the work dress code is more relaxed. One has to wonder why though? Aren't prints such as ankara our cultural attire, isn't it our thing? While most ankara prints are made by the Dutch, haven't we taken it over as our own? When it comes to styling ankara prints to work, I believe its quite appropriate depending on the styling and design.

Made in Nigeria Ankara print jumpsuit
Made in Nigeria Ankara print jumpsuit
Made in Nigeria Ankara print jumpsuit
My thoughts on the brand?

First Impressions: 
The jumpsuit was much prettier in real life, I loved it immediately.  I also loved the braided detailing on the waist and shoulder, it really changed things up.
No complaints, the zip was a good one too and the fabric seems durable.
I love both the design and fabric selection. The attention to detail cannot be underemphasized, I mean look at how the prints on the fabric are aligned! Green is not usually my colour but there was just something about this one.  I liked that is wasn't too tight and flared just right. 
 It's unseen, but one of the braided designs on the shoulder started falling apart when I wore it the first time. It's nothing that can't be fixed but.. Perhaps the crotch area of the pants are too low for my frame as well but it works in a way.
It's a little on the high side of affordable retailing for about 12, 000Naira. Which sounds a tad expensive but at the end of the day when you factor the fabric cost plus tailoring, it's not a bad deal. Plus it's ready-to-wear hence one can avoid Nigerian tailor horror stories. 
You can get it made longer. The brand actually added extra fabric for length which I eventually folded because it was too long.  
Overall thoughts.
I loved this piece and kept getting compliments left and right when I wore it. I'm satisfied and happy. Bubu Blaq delivers Worldwide! Please tell them I sent you when you order. 
Made in Nigeria clothing
Made in Nigeria Ankara print jumpsuit
Made in Nigeria Ankara print jumpsuit
Photography by Blessing Audu

A little tip, when it comes to dressing up pieces especially to work,  layering a white shirt or button up blouse can instantly make an outfit more formal. I actually prefer the jumpsuit styled like this. If you're still unsure on how to find the right jumpsuit for your body type, then this post should help you out.

Now would I wear this ankara jumpsuit to work? Yes, in fact, I already have twice!

Jumpsuit: Bubu Blaq ||Shoes: Zara ||Shirt: Thrift

This post is in collaboration with Bubu Blaq,  thank you for working with me on this.

Over to you, would you wear ankara to work? Is it allowed in your workplace? What are your thoughts on ankara being banned in some workplaces? Did you know that ankara was made by the Dutch?

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  1. Looking good Sarah!

    Love the white shirt layering. I've never thought about styling jumpsuits like this. Now, I might just wear mine to work.

    I wear Ankara to work almost all the time but I reckon I get away with it because the dress code at my office is quite lax. I also however find a way to make it look as formal as can be.

    Ankara is our thing. I don't think they should be restricted in work places.

  2. Thanks Tee, I appreciate your constant comments on my blog.

    Yay, glad to have inspired. I love layering but I rarely ever buy sleeveless pieces so I was excited to try it this time.

    I wear Ankara to work to for the same reasons, most people don't care.

    Thank you, Ankara is us, it does't make sense for the restriction.

  3. If I have my way, I’d wear Ankara to work everyday, not like anyone would query me for it though.

    I love how very versatile it can be and the fact that I can style it as I want and with modern pieces even makes it more lovely.

    I especially love this jumpsuit on you and how you layered it. I think it’s time I bring my Ankara for work back to the fore. You just inspired me.


    1. I'd definitely wear ankara but the costs keeps me from doing that but this was one of my resolutions for the year and I do think I'm doing better in collection ankara pieces these days. I love the versatility too and the vibrant prints! Yass to more ankara work looks, thank you Debs. I appreciate you for stopping by and commenting.

  4. You look good Sarah!

    I think I can wear Ankara jumpsuit and other pieces to work. It just depends on how it is styled.

    I especially love how you rocked this look.


    1. Thank you Chi

      I agree too, styling is the most important thing.

  5. This is so good Sarah. Ofcourse, I will totally rock this to work! And your #MadeinNigeria initiative is very laudable.


  6. You killed it Sarah. I love the print of the jumpsuit and it really suits you.
    I will wear it exactly like this to work....thank God there is no restriction in my work place, you need only to be decently dressed.

  7. Yay thank you dear. I'm glad to see more people not afraid of ankara to work.