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made in Nigeria footwear brandhandmade slippers in Nigeria
handmade Nigerian slipper and raffia bag

Today we are shifting focus from our made in Nigeria fashion brands to talk about footwear!

A little backstory, for the longest time, I hated my feet. They are wide, short and my nails were ugly thus I avoided open toe shoes and that included sandals and slippers. Call it maturity or the Nigerian environment which is better for sandals but my collection of slides and sandals have been growing a lot lately, most of which include made in Nigeria footwear brands. And I've started to accept my feet for what they are, and thank God for them.

I'd like to give our made in Nigeria footwear brands some accolades! I remember back in the day shoemakers were the go-to for handmade shoes but now with the push for homegrown Nigerian made products, I've seen a lot of Nigerian footwear brands step up and reinvent themselves to even include modern styles.

And today's brand focus is on Arike a made in Nigeria footwear brand based in my city, Abuja, Nigeria. They make the cutest and most vibrant slides, sandals and slippers. I was so excited to discover such a brand in Abuja as most times it seems Lagos has all the nice and affordable things. In fact, I find that when it comes to shopping Nigerian brands, I often patronize those based in Lagos thus I spend more on shipping which is not so great. I often wonder where all the affordable Abuja-based brands are? But hey Abuja has good affordable stuff too and Arike is proof!
made in Nigeria footwear slippers brand
made in Nigeria footwear brand
made in Nigeria footwear brand
Photography by Ruth Audu

My take on Arike 
I was speechless when I received my slides, they were so well made. Honestly one of the best I've seen. The sole is solid and looks like it'll last for a long time. I've been wearing it under the rain and sun and it looks as good as new. While I wouldn't say it's exactly comfortable, it doesn't hurt the feet either. I loved the woven detail on the slides which added an extra touch too. 

The slides cost 6,500 Naira which is worth the price. As mentioned earlier the brand is affordable and sells items from as low as 5,000 Naira ($13) to 8,000 Naira ($22). They delivery worldwide and also make custom orders as well. 

Below are some of the items that I'm currently loving from the brand. I must say I love their aesthetic and branding, so kudos to the designer. We all know how important packaging is these days. Arike also makes bags as well! Checkout Arike, tell them I sent you.
handmade slippers in Nigeria
handmade slippers in Nigeria
In styling, I simply paired it with an ankara shift dress with fringe. This is how you'd probably see me dressed during the weekend, easy-breezy. I also opted for a raffia bag which I picked up at Cakehut cafe Abuja, just for picture purposes as it doesn't carry much!

This post is in collaboration with Arike, I appreciate your trust.

Are you a fan of slides, slippers or sandals? What's your weekend style like? What city do you often shop from? Would you say Lagos brands are leading the made in Nigeria movement?

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  2. I don't know this brand....thanks for sharing muy dear. I'm a fan of slippers. Really nice products and print of your dress is amazing!!!
    Take a look on my blog: I have a new post !!! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Alessandro e Alice per Absorba

    1. Yay thank you, always a pleasure having new readers on here.

  3. That dress is so gorgeous! You look wonderful!



  5. I love the slides... Saw the post on instagram. I'd like to get one.. But
    Too many things to buy... Too little money.

    Loved the post ♥️

    1. Lol girl I totally get what you mean. They'd be worth the money though, thank you