Cakehut Cafe with Ada x Is Abuja really boring?

I've been exploring a lot more of Abuja lately thanks to this blog. Which is why I  strongly disagree that "Abuja is boring" especially in recent times with new places from cafes, restaurants, recreational spots popping up every day.

There are definitely a lot of things to do in Abuja and lots of cool places and spots to have fun too. Now whether it's cafe-hopping (like I often do), eating out, hiking, attending events or visiting landmarks and architectural structures, Abuja is definitely not boring contrary to popular belief.cake hut cafe in Abuja Nigeria
bloggers cafe hopping in Abuja
things to do in abuja

I recently met up with Ada of Styletitude at the Cake hut Cafe in Rivers Plate Park to create some content. We decided to take advantage of the cool vibes of the cafe to play up some bold colours. I just love how we both incorporated the summer color blocking trend even though it was totally unplanned. We both rocked baggy trousers as well, Ada with a lovely pair of wide-leg trousers and I rocking my burgundy palazzo trousers previously styled here and here

I went back to the Cake Hut and was told that pictures with cameras were no longer allowed and if I wanted to shoot I had to pay N30,000 so I'm done basically. Onto the next one

bloggers in abuja at cakehut  cafe
the colour block trend
coffee shops in abuja nigeria
We are actually both wearing made in Nigeria items as well which is just beautiful. Do you buy made in Nigeria, Why or why not? What have been some of your issues in the past? Some of my biggest issues have been quality, price and shipping costs for out of state purchases but we'll handle this all in another post. 

Let's hop into a quick review! As a blogger, I often look for spots with great aesthetics, vibes and that abroad kinda feel for my blog posts and Cakehut did just that for me. I had previously seen posts by people on social media and couldn't wait to check it out. Dear businesses, you see why you need to allow people to take pictures in your cool spots! I loved the mix of the modern and African inspired decor of the entire place from paintings, raffia items (I got a raffia bag there) African kitenge prints. This spot is owned or was definitely designed by someone who is either from the north or has an interest in its' culture and I love it. Quite odd to note but the restrooms had a beautiful vibe too.
cake hut cafe abuja nigeria
cake hut cafe abuja nigeria
cafes in abuja

Seeing as we weren't hungry as we had met after lunch, we had drinks and I got a brownie. The orange juice was quite nice, it had a mix of pineapple and ginger. However, the ginger wasn't as strong as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I've had better but for the prince of 1000 Naira, this is a good deal. I also loved the presentation as well! Now the brownies, oh the brownies, were just too crunchy and sweet, I thought brownies were supposed to be soft and moist but these were sorta like biscuits. If not for the Ice cream, I doubt I would have even eaten them. The brownies cost 1500 Naira, I also noticed that the Menu had several options from your usual cafe menu to pasta, a wide assortment of smoothies, juices, coffee, and tea as well as desserts. They even had pizza!
orange juice
cakehut cafe abuja food menu
cakehut cafe abuja food menu
Service was a tad bit slow actually, it took longer than expected for our basic orders to come in but we were quite distracted by the pictures so we didn't mind. One thing I must applaud this cafe for was how accommodating they were to us by allowing us to take pictures for hours in every corner of the place, this is rare for a lot of businesses in Nigeria. The "why" is a story for another day. 

Would I go back again, Yes of course? I honestly have a preference for any place that allows the use of a camera. In fact, most of my choices of places to hang out in my city are greatly influenced by the camera factor and the vibes as well. Ideally, a place that is quiet and offers the opportunity for a good conversation is my go-to and if cameras are allowed then I'm sold!

Find the Cake Hut on their Website or Instagram page
princess audu abuja blogger
princess audu abuja blogger
mustard and burgundy colour block
photography by Blessing Audu

Top: Virtue Clothier here || Trousers: Rayhz for 4k

Now back to the collaboration, I always look forward to connecting and meeting fellow creative in the industry because I always learn something new. At the end of the day, it's so important to connect with such people because that's the only way to grow. Ada and I were able to chat a bit on the blogging industry as a whole which was quite refreshing. However, as important as networking is as well as having blogger friends, a lesson I learned recently was to never forget that not everyone who smiles in your face actually likes you, so beware. I'll leave it at that. 
abuja fashion bloggers colour blocking
Thank you Ada, for being so cool and accommodating.Catch the rest of the jist at on Ada's blog

Stay tuned, I'm working on a fun post listing actual things to do in Abuja. Also, shout out to all the awesome people, I have connected with this year, you all are amazing!

What do you do for fun in Abuja? Would you say Abuja is boring? What influences your choice of hangout spots in your city?

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  1. I thought I was the only one who didn’t taste the ginger in the juice ��. Generally It was a great experience girl... thanks for being amazing ��

    1. Nah you weren't alone girl, I little more ginger would have been good or even perfect! It was indeed a great experience thank you too.

  2. Abuja is not so boring, a lot of new places, restaurants and dance halls. What I noticed each time I visit Abuja is that you need a car. Generally for me, with a car I can dress how I want, wear any outfit of my choice not minding the attention and explore the most boring city happily. Abuja is a lovely city.
    new post

    1. I definitely agree with you, I have a long list of places that I'm yet to visit. Yes I quite agree with you having a car will make things easier especially if you want to dress a certain way as the people of Abuja especially are quite conservative. A little confused though is Abuja boring or not?

  3. Abuja is not boring if you have money. For any outing, one needs to budget at least 5k and that will be you being careful not to order anyhow o.... Lol

    I love the Afro vibes of the place and the fact that they allow cameras is a big plus. Kudos to them and to you and Ada for this post.

    1. Lol you can say that again, I guess we can then safely say that people who say Abuja is boring are either broke or homebodies. Exactly kudos to them indeed for being cool, we need more Businesses in Abuja to be like this.

  4. Really love the ambiance of this place. You look nice as always and I'm off to check out Ada's blog

  5. Abuja is not boring.
    Just that sometimes the enjoyment may be expensive.
    I'm all for exploring the city. That's if I find someone to make me go out first because sometimes, the mental preparations needed for an outing can be overwhelming for me.
    I just tend to opt out of a lot of things.
    But nonetheless, exploring the city is one of the top things on my bucket list.

    I love your outfit.
    Is it just me or you've been all about colour-blocking recently?