Graphic T-shirt Styled Two Ways

Graphic or Inscription Tees (T-shirts) have always been one of my favourite closet basics. They are quite versatile and easy. Not to mention the fact that one gets to say something or make a statement simply through wearing a T-shirt. This particular graphic T-shirt is by Cassie Daves, a lifestyle blogger based in Lagos Nigeria doing amazing things and inspiring from day one. I must add that the quality of this shirt is so worth the price, it's probably one of the best I've styled. 

Now the statement on the shirt 'Flourish' as a term is powerful as it means growth, success, moving forward and that's basically the goal in life. And my prayer and hope for us is that we flourish everything we do according to God's command in  Genesis 1:28 to be fruitful and multiply ( his doesn't only apply to procreation). I thought to show two ways to style the graphic tee. 

1. Dress Down
This would be the perfect look for running errands and staying comfortable. I mean there's nothing more casual than denim and my go-to-fit is a pair of well-fitting mom jeans. I got these mom jeans about two years ago from an IG store tagged below and they have severed me well over the past years. I kept it comfy with white sneakers and added the blazer for a dressy vibe. A denim or leather jacket would work quite nicely with this fit as well.  

Flourish Shirt: Cassie Daves || Mom Jeans: Vintage Closet 9ja || Blazer: Thrift || Sneaker: H&M

2. Dressed Up
This look is a tad bit dressier given the incorporation of the flared high waist trousers. This look would work in a more casual office setting. Ideally, this outfit is for the lady that likes to put a little extra. I still kept things comfy however with these amazing mules that were made in Nigeria by this aweseome brand Beaufeet Ng for N8,500. I added a beret to tie in the look. 

Photography by Ruth and Blessing Audu

Flourish Shirt: Cassie Daves || Trousers: Undisclosed || Mules: Beaufeet Ng ||Beret: Vintage Closet 9ja || Blazer: Thrift

I'd actually wear any of these looks on any day depending on my mood and day. Which look is more true to you? 1 or 2?

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  1. Look 2 is more me ❤️ Nice post

  2. I say Amen to flourishing. I love both, I will wear them for different activities.