Hiking in Abuja: Zuma Rock Suleja

Hiking in Abuja is one of the most recommended things to do for fun. Abuja is filled with hills and rocks which makes it perfect for hiking. One of the more popular spots to hike in Abuja is Zuma Rock, located in Suleja, Niger State, about an hour away from Abuja. And a few weeks ago I went hiking for the first time ever with Strides Ng, a hiking group. It was an overall great experience, let me take you through it.
Hiking in Abuja

7:30 am
We met at the meetup spot, set up our carpooling arrangments and headed for Zuma Rock. There were surprisingly a lot of people, probably about 100 people. We parked at a section of a wide expanse of land, then got out and embarked on the hike. The hike to the first hill/rock wasn't quite long but intense.  Pacing ourselves, we crossed a small stream and jumped over ditches here and there. And I of course always had my camera ready to capture as many shots as possible while taking it all in.
Hiking in Zuma Rock Suleja
The climb up the hill was tough, at this point, I must add that having sneakers with a good platform is so important. Climbing rocks can be slippery, my sister struggled with this due to her shoes which didn't offer a good grip. We, unfortunately, didn't make it up to the top of the hill like others due to the shoes but the view was breathtaking! These pictures don't do justice at all.  

We spent some time taking it all in as we rested. Now we thought the hike was done but were told we would further hike up to the foot of Zuma Rock. Thus we crossed another stream and continued on the hike. It was quite unfortunate however that a person's iPhone fell into the stream and the high tide of the water washed it away before it could be found, sigh.

Photography by me

The view at the foot of Zuma Rock was a beauty to behold.Overall it was a pleasurable experience and I highly recommend everyone to try hiking especially in Abuja. The views were amazing, I've never felt so close to nature. Not to mention it was a great exercise for the body and soul plus a break away from the usual workout routine. I went along with my sister and luckily for us we got a photographer to take us these last pictures. 

We actually paid 1,000 Naira for the hike so this was definitely an affordable hangout. 

Tips for Hiking
1. Wear shoes that have a good grip and platform
2. Go with a bottle of water
3. Have a good bag preferably a backpack to keep your valuables so as to avoid stories that touch the heart.
4. Wear longer trousers to provide cover from bushes, shrubs and prevent insect bites

You can contact the hiking club at Strides Ng, they hike every Saturday!

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  1. Abuja is really beautiful....cool shots.

  2. Nice. If I was thee, it would have been my phone that fell. Lol. Those are the kinds of things that happen to me.

    Been thinking about hiking but I don't know if I have the strength plus my saturday sleep is so precious to me. Lol

    1. Lol it wasn't funny oh. Lol I'm sure you can do it and there are different levels, one Saturday in a while is not too bad lol.