How to Dress Modestly and Fashionably: 5 Tips

polka-dot trend 2018 maxi dress with red pointed shoes
polka-dot trend 2018 maxi dress with red pointed shoes
polka-dot trend 2018 maxi dress with red pointed shoes
It's quite refreshing to see more women embracing modest fashion and daily breaking the stereotype that covering up is boring. It's even more amazing to see more people come to the relaization that it is, in fact, possible to dress modestly and still be fashionable and stylish. 

 In today's post I'll be sharing simple tips that I use to look fully covered but still fly (a term I coined from Christina of Just missed the Runway)

1. Prints
I love playing around with prints, be it polka-dots, stripes, ankara or even retro prints, they are a great way to stand out. Think of how much more fashionable one would be when a combination of prints are paired together! And we all know polka-dot prints, animal prints like snake skin and leopard print are trending now so this is the perfect time to try this out.

2. Colours
Incorporating colours be in it with colour blocking or adding pops of colour in one's outfit is another tip. Nothing makes more of a fashion statement like colours, I mean!

3. Statement accessories
Things like belts, scarfs and shoes bring a look together and can take it from grandma-vibes to super stylish and fashion forward. For example, when styling the maxi skirt in the look below, I opted for strappy sandals to make the outfit more modern and stylish.
polka-dot trend 2018 maxi dress with red pointed shoes
Turtle neck polka-dot maxi dress
polka-dot trend 2018 maxi dress with red pointed shoes
4. Playing with Lengths and fits
Once you can get the right fit in your clothes you're good to go. Also don't be scared of layering pieces. For example, wearing a shirt underneath a dress or a skirt underneath a skirt. Just be sure to have fun and play with different textures and fits. Think pleats and ruffles.

5. Details
At the end of the day, those little details and components in an outfit make all the difference. That little button on a skirt, the flare of sleeves, or even a ruffle detail, can instantly make one look more stylish.

Bonus tips, trousers are my favoruite way to look stylish but still fully covered up. Also, tops and dresses with a higher neckline have such an understated elegance which is why I always wear most of my pieces backward. 

Now, I understand that for a lot of people, modest fashion is no their thing but it is definitely something that can be done with so much class too.

Photography by Ruth Audu

Now for the outfit, polka-dots, as I've said previously, has to be one of my favourite trends of this year. In today's look, I repurposed a maxi-wrap dress as a skirt and styled this top backward! Yes I know it looks like a dress but these are two separate pieces bought at different times and even styled differently from the original way it was designed. Both pieces were thrift finds from Nyanya market here in Abuja! The wrap dress for (2k) and the blouse for (400).

 Sticking to my earlier tips, I went for a bold print (polka-dots) then cinched in my waist with a chunky black belt, added a little back bag (details) and a pop of colour with my red pumps and lip. If I wanted to make this look more modern, I would have opted for strappy sandals instead but for this look, I was going for a retro-inspired look hence the pointed shoes. 

Dress, Top: Thrift || Shoes: Zara || Bag: Jumia || Belt: Market Buy

Are you a fan or advocate of modest fashion? What tips do you use to stay covered but still look extra stylish?

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  1. I love to be modest and chic but I honestly still love my extreme off shoulders (I’m a work in progress) the accessories I’m trying to own now are belts you’ve made me see how versatile they are.


    1. Lol girl to each his own, take your time. A lot of people have no issues with off shoulders, what ever is comfortable for you according to your conviction. I've never liked off-shoulder because I just think of the stress.

  2. I love the tips...will definitely apply them. Modesty is classy.

    1. I agree, there is so much class in it. Thank you