How to Hide Belly Fat, Food Babies in Bodycon Dresses

How to Hide Belly Fat, Food Babies in Bodycon Dresses
How to Hide Belly Fat, Food Babies in Bodycon Dresses
Body-con pencil dress
 So how do you hide belly fat, love handles, muffin tops,  food babies, rolls or imperfections in fitted clothing? Because as much as a lot of us may love Body-con or pencil dresses, unfortunately, they draw a whole lot of attention to our imperfect areas.
Here are a few tips on how to dress to hide belly fat
1. Using a purse or bag as coverage.
Bags and purses are your best friends in hiding abdomen fat, simply wear a crossbody bag across your body or hold up a clutch very close to your stomach region and you're good to go.

 2. Good Shapewear is Key
I'm not even talking about spanks, corsets or girdles, I know how uncomfortable those can be (they are important too). What I mean is the huge difference the right undergarments can make in the outlook of your body in your clothes. Properly fitted underwear and a bra can remove bulges and harsh lines. Avoid underwear that cuts you off at your stomach or region that has the most fat. In fact, opt for high-waist panties or ditch the typical underwear and go for a knee length high waist pair of tights. This will save you from thighs rubbing and harsh lines.

 3. It's all about the fit
My advice is to get a dress in a size bigger and tailor it to fit you but make the stomach region lose. I find that when I wear dresses that are a bit looser in the stomach region, attention is drawn away from my abdomen hence hiding the flaws.
4. Peplum and Belts 
Opting for a body-con dress with peplum is a great way to hide belly far perfectly. Belts are also great for breaking up a look and offering more coverage too.

Photography by Ruth and Blessing Audu 

Finally, finally consistent exercise and a good diet will save you from all this stress, trust me, but it's work though.  Now if all else fails, hold your gut in (suck belle) but then that's a lot of work too.

I'm wearing two dresses from Virtue Clothiers in this post. I wore the blue one backward and added a red belt, I really love how it came out looking with all those red accents. The dress is the perfect work look. It comes in grey too. The second dress has to be my favorite from the colour to the sleeves, I love that it has a wrap style at the top. Unfortunately,  I couldn't find this dress but check out some similar ones, here and here

Virtue Clothier is a Made in Nigeria brand that sells affordable basics for women on Jumia Nigeria. This brand is no stranger here as I've styled several pieces form them in the past, see here. Most dresses cost less than 5K and are eligible for free shipping. 

This post is sponsored by Virtue Clothiers 

How do you hide belly fat? Please share your secret? 

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  1. The clothes look good on you. I am checking them out on Jumia right now.

  2. Ahahahaha, bags are life savers when it comes to hiding belly fat. Also, I have come to realize that loose belts work magic too if you can creatively tie it around your tummy area into a decent bow. They tend to distract people from noticing the tummy like you did with the blue dress. i love the blue dress more, especially because of the contrasting color details.

    1. Lol that a good tip Debs, thanks so much for always stopping by. I loved the contrasting colours as well.

  3. Life saving tips o but I really want to lose the belly fat because apart from the fact that it makes clothes look unflattering, it is not good for the health. I think what contributes to it is the kind of we do when we sit the whole day.

    1. Lol definitely life saving, I agree to those point, less body fat is good for health and physical appearance too. From my experience the major cause of this is food even with constant exercise one can still have belly fat if food is not controlled.