My Tip to Kajuru Castle | All You Need to Know

Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State has been on my list of top destinations to visit in Nigeria for the longest time. My first time hearing about Kajuru Castle was via a post by Unravelling Nigeria, I was amazed that such a place even existed in Nigeria! What! 

 Kajuru Castle is a medieval structure built by a German about 30 years ago who had actually settled thereafter in Kaduna State. And I recently joined a tour group for a trip from Abuja to Kaduna via the light rail line. Let's hop in.
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Kajuru Castle Kaduna State Abuja

We met at the Kubwa train station and the train left at about 7:30am; the journey to Kaduna took about two hours. There was two stops on the way before we finally arriving at Rigasa, the last station. We then boarded a bus for a one hour ride to Kajuru Castle which is located in a remote village. Truly this spot is one of the best-kept secrets of Nigeria because the location was so secluded, in the midst of rocks, bushes and poor roads.
The Light Rail line
The short steep hike up the Castle
The place though! It was breathtaking, the pictures do not do it justice, you needed to have been there! On getting to the castle we were given a tour of the interior of the building (pictures were not allowed in the rooms or dungeon), I spotted knight armors. We then had lunch, went for a short hike which offered a different angle of the Castle. Swimming was next and then some games. Y'all already know your girl did not swim, you know why.
The interior of the Castle
Tips for Travelling to Kajuru
I advise that you go with a travel agency like I did. I paid 20,000 to go with Motley Travels and it was amazing. The amount covered everything from transport, food (snacks and lunch). Also, we had security escorts and you know how important that is. Finally, our tour guides made it easy to mingle with people. I surprisingly had a great time and my usual reserved self even opened up to people because well who was going to take my pictures (I traveled alone).

The cost of booking the castle per night is about N300,000! And The castle only accommodates 10 guests at a time (5 rooms, 2 guests in each room). There is a day tour which costs 20,000 per hour for a group of 10. Note that the castle only caters to one group at a time. You can contact Kajuru Castle via Facebook for further details or to book a tour. By the way, you have to provide your own food and entertainment unless you pay for the catering service of the Castle.
Views from the Hike
In recent times, Kaduna has had several spats of violence so I strongly advise that you go by rail and then hire a bus or car to take you to the location. Bus hires are not offered by the castle but you can get contacts from the Castle management at your own cost.

My Outfits
My first outfit is a Made in Nigeria co-ord set by Peace Conno Inspired, an Abuja based designer. The set cost about N10,000. I love the fit of the trousers, it's a good deal overall. I have a look-book with the set coming up. The slippers also worn here are by the same designer going for N6,500 and it's so comfy!

Look two is also Made in Nigeria by Iwade Brand. The fabric quality of the dress is honestly not what I was expecting. And I'm a little disappointed based on the N8,000 I spent on it and the N2,500 paid for shipping from Lagos to Abuja. It doesn't seem like something that I will be wearing for long but then it looks pretty in pictures. 
Photography by me and group photos by Motley 

I had a great time, to think I almost didn't go thanks to my mom, she was scared and almost talked me out of it but God took me there and brought me back. 

And Motley Travels made the experience even better, glad I finally ticked this place off my list. I hope to travel more in 2019. I hear they will be having a trip to Bauchi so I'm planning toward that. I published a short vlog of the trip here
Want to know more about the castle? Read posts by Travel with a Pen and Noels Adventure Blog. You can also watch a very detailed vlog by Tayo Aina on YouTube.

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With this trip, I have now traveled to Benue, Cross River, Niger, Nassarwa, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Edo, Kogi, Kaduna and Lagos State (if you count the airport). 

Have you ever been to Kajuru Castle? What places in Nigeria are on your travel wishlist? How many States in Nigeria have you visited?


  1. Group travels are definitely good because they make you open up to other people especially strangers. The Castle looks amazing. Your pics & outfits look great too. It's unfortunate that you are not satisfied with the quality of the clothing. But they look very nice.

    Ngumabi xxo |

    1. I agree, I really got the chance to meet new people. Thanks so much, the castle was even more beautiful in real life. I agree the clothes do look nice, I just feel they can be better. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate you.

  2. I have to go here in 2019. Problem is getting people together. I guess the best thing is to go with a tour group! Thanks for sharing Sarah

    1. That's the thing, if you can afford it though, you can just get a few people but honestly with the situation in Kaduna, I strongly advise going with a tour group. Thank you for reading Lade.

  3. This castle is on my to go list. Thanks for sharing more info!

    1. My pleasure, it's a must see! Thank you for reading.

  4. Glad you didn't get discouraged, you went and had a good time. PS:I love your candid review of your outfits. I think they look great too - especially the kimono set.

    I'd love to visit more waterfalls in the North and explore more destinations in Eastern Nigeria. So far, I've been to 23 states in Nigeria. I'd like to see all 36 but I'm in no hurry.

    1. I'm glad I didn't get discouraged too and yeah I gotta keep it real. Vising 23 states, now that's amazing! I hope to explore more of the North too, Thanks for stopping by girl.

  5. These pictures are breathtakenly beautiful. It is definitely on my travel wishlist.

    1. Thanks Chidinma, I hope you make it. It's worth a visit.

  6. This place is truly beautiful.. ..can't wait to go see it for myself !!!