My 2018 in One Word + Lessons Learnt

*dusts cobwebs off blog*  Hey beautiful people, how you doing?

I recently asked you guys on Instagram how you would describe your 2018 in one word and it was interesting to see the responses. It seems a lot of people had a challenging year but with growth and lessons learned too.
Personally, my year was "constant" because while I can't say I had a great year, it wasn't a bad one either. I may not have grown as much as I'd hoped in certain areas but for the most part, things remained constant and for that, I'm sorta thankful and I learned a lot of new lessons too.

And as I look back I realize that it may seem like we are not accomplishing much when we're not marking major milestones like getting a new job, more money, married, children or traveling. But that fact that we are still here and alive at the end of this year is a blessing that we can not discard. The fact that we survived and are still standing strong cannot be overlooked. Plus let's not forget all the lessons learned and new experiences gained as it's all a big part of our growth.

1. Money
I learned a lot about money this year, from the management to importance and even unimportance of it,  I learned it all. This year had me shouldering much more monetary responsibilities which were both stressful but humbling. Being in a place where I could even help is a blessing. The bible said it best, "money answers all things" and that it does. 2018 had me taking unsponsored collabs for the blog which eventually turned out to be sponsored with some of my best offers yet. Everything is not about the money at times, sometimes you work for free, add value and then once the results are clear, money comes in.

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2. Consistency is key
I have been blogging consistently for 5 years now but this has to be my most noteworthy year. From finally gained traction and being offered opportunities I could only dream of in the past, to working with amazing brands. This year I made the most $$ I've ever made in this thing. Now it may not be huge but coming from zero balance, this means everything. We are slowly turning this passion into a profit-making business and it's amazing! This year I realized more than ever how important consistency is especially after my failed attempts at my weight loss and skincare goals. On the fitness front, I even gained more weight this year.  I would always start out strong but then fall off the journey due to one thing or the other and then gain all the lost weight right back and some more too. However, it is not over until it's over.  I recently got some new gear and I'm more determined than ever.

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3. Blogger friendships
I had an eye-opening experience that had re-thinking and accessing everything. I'm quite nice, very open and tend to always expect the good out of people which unfortunately is not always reciprocated and sometimes taken advantage of. I've learned to be more cautious in my blogger relationships and friendships as a whole. I realize that not everyone who engages with your content really likes you, others have ulterior motives and that's fine. I'm smarter now so thank God for that experience.
Photography by Ruth Audu

4. A different mindset
I struggled a lot with complaining about my 9-5, feeling unsatisfied,  stuck and conflicted with the choice of whether to pursue passion or stability which could fuel passion. I've realized that if you want to eat you've got to work, life is hard and money is important. So now I'm focused on being the best I can be in my 9-5 and staying positive always. 
I was also shown an eye-opening scripture in the bible which changed my mindset on how I see others. For the longest time, I've been a little critical/judgemental of immodest dressing until I recently stumbled on a scripture (Rom 14:1). I was reminded that we are all at different levels in our spiritual growth. And while some of us are already eating food, others are still drinking milk and that's fine, salvation is personal thus you can't expect people to do things the same way you do. We all go at different paces.  

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5. God is always God
I struggled so much with doubting my faith in the midst of a difficult situation which made me angry at God and even distant from him. I wrote all about this in my Sarah Speaks on God Where are You. Through this, I realized that God is God no matter what. I may not understand why certain things happen, but I will keep the faith and continually work to stand strong in the face of troubles.

About the outfit
The star of this outfit is this stunning neckpiece from Aham Jewelry. I asked for African inspired and she delivered. The amazing thing about this Made in Nigeria brand is that all their designs are unique and different for each woman. On my feet are my new favourite mules from Beaufeet, an Abuja-based made in Nigeria footwear brand. These mules have been on repeat since I got them and for N8,500, I am so impressed at the quality. I just had to get another pair which I can't wait for you guys to see very soon.

Necklace: Aham Jewelry ||  Mules: Beaufeet ||Top: Zaful|| Culottes: Thrift 


  1. For me this year has been one hell of a roller coaster, but one thing I can say for sure is God has been faithful. I learnt a whole lot of lessons which I believe will help me tremendously in the nearest future.

    1. That's the best thing about roller coaster experience, we learn and we are better from them. God is indeed always faithful, praise him.

  2. This made for a very nice read.....Like I said on IG, this year has just been there, I am grateful for life, health and my family but I had a little set back career wise but like you will say "we move" no matter what, when there is life there is hope. This outfit is a favourite...I love love love how you put the look together.

    1. Thanks so much girl. Sorry about the setback, we move still and take lessons learnt with out. Thanks so much, I love it too.

  3. Loved reading this recap of your year Sarah, glad you were able to grow and learn so much. I myself did a lot of growing this year, here's to hoping that we implement all the lessons we learned this year in 2019! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Amen to that Demi, definitely a year of growth and lessons. Thank you for stopping by

  4. Number 3, is so important, so so important. I need to do this too, so permission to steal your blog post title. I actually went through all your post this year and you were consistent. I am glad for the revenues too

    1. Hey Grace, yes of course, I'd love to read. Thanks so much, means a lot