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The festivities have begun as Christmas is just around the corner. And for a lot of us, this season will involve a lot of traveling either to our hometown or abroad. Now for those of us who can't afford traveling overseas, all hope is not lost. Nigeria has several beautiful destinations where you can spend your Christmas, which I will be sharing in this post. 

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1. The Calabar Carnival in Cross River State 
One of the top things to do in Calabar during this festive period is to attend the Carnival. I sadly never made it during my National Youth Service year (NYSC) in the State but I hope to go someday. I hear it's one of the largest street parties in Africa which attracts people from across the globe! The carnival lasts for the entire month of December. While in Calabar be sure to try out some of my recommended things to do .
calabar carnival cross river state
calabar carnival cross river state
calabar carnival cross river state
Carnival shots source: Artsy Moments

2. Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River State
The resort is the perfect getaway for the family. It's filled with beautiful plains and views that can really only be experienced in person. During my service year, this was one attraction I was sure not to miss out on. Now Obudu itself is about a 5-7 hour drive from Calabar, give or take. The resort itself is located in Obanliku, another local Government Area in Obudu. While most people can stay on the resort, given the cost most people lodge outside the resort. Check out a further cost breakdown by artsy moments
top Christmas destinations
obudu mountain resort cross river state
where to spend Christmas in Nigeria

3. Yankari Game Reserves in Bauchi State 
Yankari Game Reserve, also known as the Yankari National Park is one of the largest wildlife parks in Africa. It has been on my list for the longest time, hopefully, we make it in 2019. The reserve is also home to one of the most viable populations of elephants in Nigeria and West Africa. One can also go swimming in the Wikki Warm Spring shown down below, the water is blue and clear, sounds amazing huh. If going from Abuja, you can go by road as I hear its about 6 hours away. However, those from Lagos and other states should probably fly and hey Arik Air has some good deals. Check out more details on booking and costs here.
travel Nigeria in wiki warm spring in bauchi state
Image source Ynaija
elephants at Yankari Game Reserves  in Bauchi State
Source Global Giving

4. Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State 
Kajuru Castle is one of Nigeria's best-kept secrets and a great getaway for the family during this festive period. Its' medieval structure was built in 1989 by a German who thereafter settled there. The castle offers several weekend packages and as someone who has been there before I highly recommend it.  Read all about my trip here.
Travelling from Abuja to Kaduna by Railway
Travelling from Abuja to Kaduna by Railway
Travelling from Abuja to Kaduna by Railway

Nigeria is beautiful, I know we tend to get caught up with traveling overseas but have you considered exploring your area? Now for several of these spots, one can go by road but given the usual poor condition of our roads, going by air is advisable for safety reasons as well. Be sure to check out some Airlines for some great deals this festive period. Compliments of the season everyone, I hope you have an amasing holiday!

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