Cafes in Abuja:The Rue Cafe (Vegan Friendly)

Nestled in a corner of Bamboo house at no 3 Salt Lake Street, Maitama, Abuja, lies the Rue Cafe. A place where one can get vegan and keto-friendly meals, take in a great ambiance and read a good African literature book.  I had come across this cafe sometime last year through a friend. The location is quite interesting as you wouldn't expect such a cool spot upon entering the compound. I just love the fact that new cafes keep popping up all around Abuja. Anyways, I reached out to the brand and thus birthed this collaboration. I revisited the cafe as they had rebranded and decorated. Here's how it went.  

Upon walking in I noticed that the decor had changed slightly. There were more browns and greens, more wood and plants, which I loved. I thought it very befitting for the restaurant. I spotted books littering the walls, shelves, and even raffia items as well as cool wooden artifacts. I couldn't capture the entire place due to situations beyond my control but the cafe could probably seat over 16 persons at a time. There was just something about the vibes, I loved it. It was quiet and peaceful, probably because they just re-opened.  

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 As mentioned earlier the cafe has food options that are both vegan and also keto-friendly. I also spotted the basics like avocado toast, yogurt and the rest. I however settled with the Rue Salad for N3,000 and a Strawberry Ice Tea for N1350. The Ice tea tasted like tea except with a strong mint taste which was quite good. I must add that everything tasted fresh, even the mint looked fresh. The drinks came first as we waited for the salad, it took a tad longer than expected. 

 The Rue salad consisted of a lovely spicy chicken, avocados, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and the star of the show the cranberries! Guys, I never was a big salad person until I started trying fruits in a salad. I mean the sweet and sour taste from the fruits just changes up your typical salad and the rue salad was no exception. I also tried the salad with dressing, it tasted good without but the dressing even made it less salad-like and tastier; there was a sweet taste to it. Everything was fresh too, I only wished there was more chicken especially due to the price. 

The Rue Salad first caught my attention when I first read Mind of Amaka's Studio Diaries on the Rue; Amaka is an amazing product photographer in case you don't know already. 

I think the prices are moderately affordable. I took a picture of the menu, see for yourself.  They have the basics like cake, croissant, and coffee too. The coffee beans are actually made in Nigeria, which I found quite cool. I didn't get to try it as it was more of a tea day for me but the next time I'll be sure to try out their coffee. It would be nice to see what our made in Nigeria coffee beans taste like. 
I noticed that books littered the cafe, most especially African literature like the classics from Chimamanda Adichie. I spoke to the owner Ele, who said they actually offer book exchanges and books club hosting as well. Which means you can go there and exchange your old books for other books as long as they are of the same value, pretty cool right?
Photography by Ruth Audu

Overall I loved the cafe especially the aesthetics. I don't know about you but the number one thing that influences my decision to visit a place is the ambience or esthetics as per the blogger. After all, there's food at home so yeah.  This place is blogger friendly as well, guys you can take pictures anywhere even with a camera and no complaints or stress. 

The Rue Cafe offers deliveries from 11am & 3pm Monday-Friday as well as lunch offer and a 10% discount if you bring a friend. It is open on Monday-Thursday from 9am-7pm; Friday and Saturday from 9am-9pm  and closed on Sunday. 

The Rue Cafe was kind enough to offer my followers 20% on all orders if you use my code PRINCESS20. Do let me know if you stop by. You may contact the Rue Cafe on Instagram here for any other inquiries 

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Ever been to the Rue Cafe? What influences your decision to visit space? 

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  1. Lovely photos, definitely gonna visit it and use the awoof code. Good one girl,
    Gotta love reviews that are so detailed it makes you feel you were literally there... Well done.

    1. Thanks for reading Joyner. And lol please do oh. I actually thought this was too long so reading your feedback, warms my heart. Thank you

  2. This is somewhere I would have happily visited if I was back in Nigeria. I love cafes!

    1. Me too, I especially love aesthetically pleasing cafes.

  3. So beautiful. I've got a lot of places to visit when I finally start traveling for fun. Lol

    1. Lol, I take it your not currently doing it for fun then. Thank you

  4. Lovely Sarah, I'm definitely going to visit this place. I love this review.