Tartan Dress + The Other Side of Social Media We Don't Talk About

red tartan plaid midi dress with pink mules
red tartan plaid midi dress styled by abuja blogger princess audu
red tartan plaid midi dress with pink mules princess audu

In today's post, I'm styling a red tartan dress paired with a pair of #madeinnigeria pink mules. I find that tartan, plaid and gingham prints are often used interchangeably so much so that they get mixed up. Oh well, that isn't the topic for today.

I'd like to delve into the other side of social media, those sides that we don't talk about often enough. In today's world, it has become quite impossible to do without one form of social media. And as a Communications Officer and blogger/influencer, it becomes sort of hard to wean oneself off of it. That being said, I took some sort of a break of social media last year, IG particularly as I spend most of my screen time on the app and it made me realize some not so great things about the impacts of social media on my life.

Don't get me wrong, social media is great, I would not be able to make a living without it but in recent times the not so great sides have sort of overwhelmed the great sides of social media.

1. Comparison
 First, there is this comparison trap that comes with seeing the highlights of people's lives online and think you're missing out. Wanting to be like other people or have things that one doesn't need. Wondering why you're not at a certain level when your mates or people who started before you have reached there. While we may know that comparison is the thief of joy, it actually takes great effort not to compare. I always tell people to stop assuming and take everything online with a grain of salt but this requires a conscious effort.

2. Self Worth
Then there's this gratification that comes with likes, followers, etc. Which goes further to now gaining some self-worth based on recognition from a social media app, when in actuality no one really cares in the real world. One has to try not to get lost thinking that you're the shit and stay humble.

3. Addictive
Now don't get me started on how addictive and time consuming it can be, especially when not controlled. One minute you hop on Instagram and the next thing you know, one hour later and you're still scrolling mindlessly while neglecting other things. 

4. Vulnerability
There's something about social media that makes us quite vulnerable. It's the fact that we have absolutely no control over what happens to our content once it's published. It should be something of concern but we often forget this fact, I'm guilty too. The internet is forever though and we never know where that post will end up or how it'll affect us down the line.

red tartan plaid midi dress styled
red tartan plaid midi dress
red tartan plaid midi dress
Photography by Ruth Audu

I don't know why you may be using social media but as a blogger, I can't do without it, particularly Instagram. I hate to admit this but checking my IG page is one of the first things I do when I wake up. In fact, my performance on the app can even influence my overall mood. Perhaps it's just me but then I doubt that. The truth is when you invest so much into something, you'd want to see results. 

I guess it is important not to get lost in it all. It's important to define our self worth from something greater (GOD) because deriving value from an app that can disappear at any moment, is dangerous. Also, regular breaks are great for one's peace of mind. Interestingly enough, I've found that I enjoy certain apps a lot more when I'm not posting on them regularly because then I'm not worrying about engagement but simply enjoying other people's content.

Dress: Ericdress || Mules: beaufeet.ng

It appears I rambled a little in this post. Either way, I'd love to know your thoughts on this/. Why do you use social media? Would you say social media has had a negative effect on you? Do such effects outway the good? How has social media affected you either consciously or unconsciously? 

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  1. Great read Sarah.

    I started taking social media 'seriously' when I decided to get a bit conscious of blogging/vlogging. I can't deny the fact it's helped me get more visible out there and made me learn sooooo much

    Yet, there was a time when it made me depressed to see so many people who started the whole blogging/vlogging/social media thing after me seem to get ahead and doing better. I began to feel like something was wrong with me.
    At a point self, I'd decided to even stop everything and relegate myself to nothingness but I'm glad I didn't.

    I don't do that anymore and I appreciate every process. It sure takes conscious effort to not allow the negative sides of social media derail us.

    You should check out some of my vlogs at www.youtube.com/c/ShugasDiaryTV

    1. Thanks for reading Cynthia

      I'm glad you didn't too girl. I remember being at a similar place. Being somewhat discouraged when I would see people who started before me seeming to do better. Until I worked to learn from them, asked myself what they were doing right and basically worked on myself. I'm glad you've come to the point of appreciating the different process because it really does take a lot of will power not to get discouraged.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I agree with all you've said. I started getting serious with my social media a few months ago because I wanted to take creating content and blogging serious. I wanted to add value so bad. Honestly it has not been easy. It's draining and sometimes overwhelming.

    I find myself making comparisons with others in the same sphere, forgetting that it's a process. I get worried a little when I'm not posting content or supporting others because I'm worried I might lose following and I'm not actively chasing my dreams.

    But I've learnt a lot from being on the app and I've also meet some amazing people(like you😜)that I learn from and inspire me also.

    I still haven't figured it out yet. And I also know I need to talk to God about it. All in all I'm grateful for every lesson learnt and still learning.

    1. Thanks for reading Martha, the truth is social media can indeed be draining especially when one is trying to brand oneself on there.

      All those fears are interestingly enough common across fellow content creators in the field.

      I'm glad you're focusing on the positives. I say talk to God, he will guide all of us.

  3. This was a good post Sarah. I agree, there is a downside to social media. It can be so addictive. I literally have to stop myself from going on Twitter in the mornings. It seems like everyday, these apps keep adding new features to make you spend more time on them smh. As you said, regular breaks are really good and I try to do them from time to time. I also set limits with my screen time, even though I don't always stick to it LOL. xx

    Love your dress!

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you for reading Demi. Honestly for most of these apps, they profit on how much time we spend on them. We've just got to be conscious enough not to let that happen. Lol yes to breaks and limits, heard a lot about it but yet to try it lol.

      Thank you

  4. Ahhh....touchy subject! Ha!! I use social media because of my blog. I enjoy it, but yeah I do agree with you on the pointers. It can be really frustrating. I used to be so mad when bloggers with whatever k follow you and unfollow the next day. It was disturbing me a lot, so I had to gain my control back. How can something that doesn't pay my bills depress me so. I snapped out of it. Now I just block anyone who follow and unfollows. I don't care who they are. BLOCKED!! Ha!! You look pretty in your lovely dress.


  5. Very touchy indeed. I agree as content creators, the struggles can get to us. Lol exactly, how can something that's meant to be fun, way us down. Lol here's to more blocking. Thank you

  6. This is such a beautiful dress. I love your pictures.