Denim on Denim + Abuja Bloggers are Stuck Up?

It's ironic the notion that "Abuja Bloggers are stuck up and cliquey". I always find these thought process quite funny because the truth is that there are cliques everywhere! Life is honestly too short to be stressing over such things. I honestly don't gel with everyone. People are different too, some are just shy and selective and that's perfectly okay. Find your tribe, stick to your people and do your thing. Ever wondered why I repeatedly collab with the same people? Well, there you go.

What are your thoughts on the Abuja creative community?

Rocking the denim on denim trend or should I say double denim is one thing I once aspired to do. I had frequent chats with my sister and friends about how I'd pair a denim jacket with trousers to go with a denim pair of shoes and even a bag. Yup, it was that deep. I was definitely a jeans girl but look at me now, opting for palazzos over denim jeans simply because of the comfortable fit.

When Opeyemi and Debs talked about a denim collab I knew I was in but my options were limited given my style change. I barely own any jeans. However as I always say a good pair of mom jeans can change your life, so I opted for that. Now someone obviously missed the denim on denim memo but we made it work (I hope we did)
Opeyemi is no stranger on here, yall recall our collabs here, herehereDebs and I styled palazzos trousers last year here. It was great coming together once again. I always look forward to such collabs.

For my outfit, I styled a whole pencil dress worn backward and tucked underneath these jeans (see the dress here and here). I simply finished off with these painfully uncomfortable single sole nude heels. Y├íll don't often see me in sleeveless pieces but the truth is my arms have always been one of my fav body parts. I just live with my very conservative parents and I can't shout. 
Photography by Ruth Audu

These images were shot at the Cube Art Cafe in Maitama Amusement Park (read my review here)
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  1. Pure joy doing this shoot with you guys.

  2. These pictures gives me chill and I enjoy every moment of this shoot. It was fun doing this collaboration with you ladies.

    1. Right, I was super happy with the sharpness of these shots. Definitely girl