Street-style with Jumia Nigeria + Reality of Growing Up in a Big Family #siblingtag

There are certain truths that are quite unique to have a big family. Now having five siblings and then being one of the eldest made growing up interesting. Today in collaboration with my siblings I'm spilling all the tea on the truths of growing up with lots of siblings. My brother Victor and I styled street-style looks with key basic from Jumia Nigeria while my sister Ruth was behind the lens taking pictures hence the inspiration behind this post. Let's begin

1. You are never alone
This is both a good or bad thing depending on your personality. Truth is when you have siblings, there is always someone to annoy you or in my case to annoy. This is great because it's fun but I remember moments wanting to have some personal space to have a private phone call or just be on my own; sharing a room with my sisters does not help either. P.s with this point, impromptu casual family meetings and discussions are a norm, it can be annoying but I love it.

2. Help is always available
Have an idea? Need a second opinion or a helping hand? That's where siblings come in. I rarely lift heavy stuff, I just call on my brothers. I don't pound yam or handle tasks like turning on the generator either. You never realized how handy having a sister is until you cant unzip your clothes or even zip up. And as a blogger, my siblings are a big help. Ruth takes about 90% of my pictures and seeing as I can't drive, Victor drives me to my shoot locations. Being the eldest has it's an advantage when everyone is older. I no longer have to slave over house chores, I get to delegate to the younger ones (insert laugh of glee)

3. Parenting is different
It's interesting to see the way my parents raised my younger sibling ├žompared to the upbringing of myself and the elders or should I say the first children. During my time, things like having a boy come visit would get you a lecture. Hey, I had a curfew too but things are so different now. Guess parents become lax with old age. 

Photography by Ruth Audu

4. Food thefts are a norm
One of the most annoying things with having a big family is that good food never lasts because there are too many mouths. And sometimes you hide food, plan towards it only to realize that it's gone because someone ate it (cries in memories). I remember one time, my parents kept buying cornflakes and it would finish in the blink of an eye with certain people eating more than others. Lol, you know what my mom did? She bought a box for each of us. It was funny at the time but very realistic actually. I've learned to hide my favourite goodies or eat while I see the good stuff.

Being part of a big family has been fun for the most part and I wouldn't change it. I'd love for my kids to have to same but the thought of giving birth so many times, stresses me out.
 How many siblings do you have? Did you grow up in a big family? What was it like? Can you relate to any of my points?

 I had so much fun shooting with my brother, who knew he would eventually grow to love pictures. We really need to do this more often because he's a natural, don't you think?

Sweatshirt: Jumia Nigeria (here) || Skirt: Virtue Clothiers (here) || Shoes: Zara (Here)|| Good Vibes Shirt: Jumia Nigeria (here)

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    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you Berry, this post took more time than others so this means a lot. The skirt was Made in Nigeria too

  2. I love this and the good vibes in the photos. I'm an only child so I can't relate LOL, but it's nice to read this.

    1. Lol girl, thank you for reading all the same. I appreciate your comment too.

  3. Hahahaha, really loved the post. I related to it alot. Having come from a super big family (I have 8 siblings) things get crazy but really fun at the same time. I enjoy delegating roles and being one of the eldest too, I have some simple responsibilities like providing simple things for my siblings. My younger sisters no longer ask my parents for things like money for pads, panties, roll etc, it's me they ask.