Cantina Restaurant: Italian Food in Abuja

Cantina Restaurant has been on my list of places to eat and visit in Abuja for a while now. I must admit that this was honestly not for the italian food but rather for the amazing ambiance I had previously seen in picutres online. Thus you can imagine that the blogger is me wanted to leap for joy once I walked in and saw that cameras were allowed.

Prior to my visit to Cantina, I had a look at their menu online. Can we just appreciate them for having a functional website showing their accurate menu (Nigerian restaurant please take note).The menu had quite a variety of Italian, Continental and even Mexican dishes! After looking through the menu, I decided that I probably should try something else rather than my usual burger and fries order. You see I'm a foodie, I love exploring and trying new dishes. I get bored easily thus  when eating out, I rarely ever eat what I can make at home (unless it's cheap lunch at work). But I'm also a cheapskate who find's it hard to spend extravagantly on food.

Myself and My date ordered the Ariabiata with chicken. I liked the Ariabiata, it tasted good but it wasn't mindblowing for me. I must add that the portion size was impressive though, I believe two people could actually share it if ya'll eat like oyinbos and not like the average Nigerian (ya'll know we can eat). I also ordered onion rings which I asboutely loved! For drinks I kept it basic with a glass of orange juice. We were also served complimentary bread while we waited for our food to arrive.

Here's a breakdown 
Ariabiata with Chicken - N3,300
Onion Rings - N1,400
Pepsi (not pictured) - N450
Orange Juice (25cl) - N500

I was honestly too distracted with the ambiance, creating content and discussions with my date to take note of that but I do recall the waiteress being quite pleasant. The food did'nt take too long to arrive either with our drinks coming first as well. Did I mention the complimentary bread? I Also loved the fact that pictures were allowed with no questions asked. 

I loved it as you already know. The browns and greens sold me, especially the bricks, wood and large windows which offered a homely vibe. 

We spent a total of about N10,000 for two people, which wasn't exactly bad. I made sure to take a picture of the reciept so you could see for yourself. However, if you are trying to be a cheaperskate, opt for a pizza, onion rings and soda. That should cost about N6,000 for two people. This is actually my plan for next time. Yes I plan on going back!!!
Photography by me

Cantina Restaurant is located in Sinclair Guest House at no 30 Yedseram Crescent, Maitama, Abuja
I recommend that you checkout their Menu (here) prior to your visit, to get a feel of what else they offer and also know how much to budget. Also, click here for another review by Abuja Food Diary  which I found quite helpful.

Ever been to Cantina? What did you order? Also just curious, what's your average budget when going out to eat in Nigeria?

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  1. You make me want to pack my suitcase and come to Lagos! Also, you photography is on point!

    1. Thanks Alpha for stopping by and commenting