The Pier Restaurant Abuja, Latest Rave in Town!

Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja
Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja
Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja
The Entrance

I visited the Pier Restaurant and Lounge in Abuja, one of the city's latest hot spots. It's new, different and absolutely stunning. Let's talk about this location and my thoughts!

The Pier Restaurant is located in Kado, close to NAF Conference Center. It is honestly quite tricky to find. The restaurant is located right after the Uturn before the conference center. Once you take the turn, enter the next entrance you see on the other side of the road. Note that this entrance looks quite abandoned.  I actually go lost despite taking an Uber, only to realize that we had been driving around the space. 

Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja
Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja
Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja

Restaurant Layout/Ambiance
The layout of this restaurant is different from your usual Abuja spot. The ambiance is amazing with three igloo-like structures offering different vibes! It felt like a little getaway, a resort would have been perfect for this spot too! The different compartments could actually be rented out for events. The igloo in the middle which offered a stunning view of the sky is absolutely stunning! However, it's so hot, really hot! This spot might be more preferable at night. Now,  the igloo with a cover and several wooden tables I seats had air conditioning which was preferable. The third igloo offered a wide seating arrangement which was quite cozy. The restaurant also has an upstairs seating arrangement where one can get a decent view of the skyline. Let's not forgot other spots located below in the garden area. This place was definitely well-thought-out and planned out. 
Pier Restaurant and Lounge Abuja

Upstairs seating
The garden area

 I  had previously read a couple of bad reviews about the food, so I just opted for a drink seeing as I wasn't willing to waste my money. I ordered a Virgin Mojito for N2,000; it was okay but a tad bit too sweet. The drinks and basic food on the menu was also standardly priced. See the posts below for some of the food reviews I read. Perhaps the food might improve later on. Who knows! 

Customer Service
I was honestly put off from the beginning when the manager told me I could only take pictures with my phone and not DLR camera. While this is the norm for a lot of places in Nigeria, I was quite shocked having seen fellow content creators post images/videos taken with their cameras (with permission from the establishment). It was even more annoying when the manager kept checking on me (in a negative way) and once even paused to sorta apprehend me. Keep in mind I was using my phone's self-timer at the time to take pictures of myself since I was alone. It is what it is though, it's their space at the end of the day.  However, the waitress was nice, she was kind enough to take a few images of me, the one below is the one that came out decent. 

All images were shot by with my Samsung J7neo and edited with Adobe Lightroom and Vsco

Final Thoughts
The Pier is beautiful with great scenery that is different from the usual. I honestly suggest that you go there with friends, just order drinks, take pictures and talk. Hopefully, the food improves as this spot is still a new place. Will I go back again? Maybe, as your typical blogger, I'm always on the lookout for cool places to take pictures. I might consider going there for that sole purpose but then again the stress...

P. S. I watched an amazing vlog of the Pier by Vivian Okezie, check it out (here) for more thoughts on this place.

Have you been to the Pier before? What did you think? What are your thoughts on camera restrictions in most leisure establishments in Nigeria? I'd love to know

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  1. You got some really good shots tho with your phone

    1. Thank you Fisayo, I think I did too. I appreciate you for leaving a comment

  2. Your editing game is 🔥🔥🔥. As for camera restrictions at Nigerian establishments, I don't understand it. It's really off putting.

  3. Off-putting is definitely the word. Thank you hun

  4. Your pictures are amazing
    Please what phone and editing app do you use?

  5. Thank you, for this I used a Samsung J7neo and edit always with Adobe Lightroom.