Check Out this New Cafe in Abuja: Cafe Lumiere in Asokoro

I don't know about you but I absolutely love that new cafes just keep popping up all across Abuja, Nigeria. Recently I checked out one of such cafes, Cafe Lumiere in Asokoro Abuja! Yes, finally Asokoro has a cafe! Y'all know we really don't need more spots in Wuse 2. Here's a quick review 

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The interior of the cafe is absolutely beautiful with roses covering one wall and picture frames and lights decorating the space. Almost from entering the cafe, one can clearly see the owner's love of roses. It seems rose walls are the new in-thing for cafes. I found the decor a bit similar to that of the Tearoom Abuja and the defunct Rosewood Cafe.  Nevertheless, I loved how quaint and cute the cafe was plus the added touch with the browns and gold in the furniture. The open kitchen was also a nice touch too. Shoutout to the owners for maximizing this space which can seat about 15 people. 

The cafe offers various treats and desserts with tea, coffee, and juices to go with it. The prices were quite affordable too with pastries selling for as low as N500! I, however, didn't see much heavy food save for a sandwich and salad. So personally for me, this is a great place to grab a snack. 

I and my date ordered the following:
the rose Tea N1500 each
Brownie N700 plus Ice Cream N200
Blueberry Muffin N700
Cold-pressed Juice N1000
Red Velvet Cake (can't remember)

I loved the brownie with ice cream and highly recommend this whenever you visit. The cold-pressed juice which had beetroot, pineapple, and oranges amongst other things was amazing. If you don't mind a lightly tangy drink then you'd love it. The rose tea was not bad either, it tasted the way roses smell. I also found the muffin moist and flavourful which was good. I, however, did not like the red velvet cake.  
Rose Tea
Blueberry Muffin
cold-pressed juice
Carrot Cake for N1800. It looked amazing!

I'd rate the cafe high on customer service. The waitresses were quite attentive. I must add that we were the only ones there. Also, we met the owner who was also receptive and so nice to us. I hope this remains the same even when the cafe gets busier with more customers. 
Photography by me with an Iphone7+

Would I go back, yes of course? If not for all the reasons stated above, they offer free WIFI to paying customers, which is definitely a plus. Cafe Lumiere is located at Prizrite mall, No 5 Maitama Sule Street, Asokoro, Abuja. If you ever check it out, do let me know.

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Till next time guys!


  1. Wow. Cute cozy.. Amazing photos

    1. Thanks Angel for stopping by and leaving a comment

  2. It's really beautiful and cosy. And their prices are my kinda budget friendly prices. I'd definitely visit it soon.

    1. It actually was, such a cute and quiet space. As for prices, one of the most affordable that I've seen.