How to Style Mom Jeans + Where to Buy Mom Jeans in Nigeria

Mom jeans are one of my favorite closet essentials ever. Not only is it very versatile, but also so comfy and who doesn't love comfortable and functional pieces. Today, I'm showing you guys all the ways I've styled mom jeans in the past, tips on how to find the perfect pair and where to get mom jeans in Nigeria, in Abuja specifically.
mom jeans styled with polkadot blouse

How To Style
Mom jeans can be styled in several different ways. It can be dressed down in a smart casual look, kept casual and comfy for everyday wear or all classy and glam for a night out. Below is how I've styled mom jeans in the past.

Where to Shop Mom Jeans in Nigeria
The best place to get your mom jeans is in a thrift store, in other words in Okrika or bend-down-select, where you get the best quality and pocket-friendly ones too. I recommend Wuse or Nyanya Market in Abuja and Balogun Market in Lagos; you could get one for as low as N2000. Now, I got this pair from Vintage Closet 9ja, a thrift store in Abuja (I believe they ship nationwide). I'm unsure of the current retail price as I got this pair years ago but the price on such online stores should be around N5,000. Read my posts below for more info on these stores plus a list of place to thrift in Abuja

How to Find the Right Pair
Mom jeans are supposed to fit a bit loosely. Therefore, getting a perfect fit on the waist is not a huge deal because it can always be altered. Although, it is very important that you get the right fit on your butt and hips so you don't look frumpy. Also, the right fit in such areas will prevent camel toe. You may also want to consider the wash of the jeans, I've found that mom jeans look better in a light acid-wash blue color. Do not forget your body type, which is the most important thing when it comes to finding what works for you. Not sure how to dress for your body type? Well, read my various posts below.

I also shared a video on my IG TV showing 7 additional ways to style mom jeans (here). What's your favorite way to style this closet basic? Did you find this post helpful? I'd love to know. 

Till next time guys!


  1. Wow- just wow. Any tips or trick for me on how can I look like a modern looking effortless stylish guy in the room? Would appreciate!

    1. I wish but I generally dish tips for Ladies. Thanks for stopping by.