Lagos Fashion Week 2019: Best Street Style Looks

Lagos Fashion Week 2019 has officially come to an end but that does not mean we can't look back at some of the best street styles looks on display. People came ready to slay, they were really not joking. And whatever Lagos Fashion Week day 2 lacked in buzz, hype or attendance, it made up for it on Day 3 and 4!!  We saw statement sleeves, gender-neutral attire, adire prints, Asoke/owambe vibes, tulle and may more trends, it was amazing!

So here's a look at some of the best Streetstyle looks at the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week. Notice how I focused more on content creators, underdogs and just generally unknown people who came to slay. This wasn't exactly intentional but very important since the major fashion outlets focused mainly on celebrities and already established personalities. Hey, I don't know about you but I'd like to see something else, so enjoy it!
Princess Audu 
Lade's Blog, Vcheuba, Chronicles of Tej
Farreeedah and The Idayat Sanni 
Chronicles of Tej
Princess Audu, Chronicles of Tej, Tijesu.o
Sandra Uleyi
Vain Blackboy
Lade's Blog, Chronicles of Tej
 Asiyami Gold
Opara Boy 
Onyi Bekeh
Princess Audu, Lade's Blog
Onyi Bekeh
Styletitude by Ada
Style Senami
Mary Edoro
Mary Edoro
Sharon Ojong
Kevin Koya
Princess Audu
Photography by me with an iPhone 7 plus

Did you enjoy this post, who were some of your street style favorites?

Till next time guys!