6 Tips to Get the Best Items on Jumia Nigeria + My Top 3 Picks

We all know Jumia, the biggest e-commerce platform in Nigeria. I have been shopping on Jumia Nigeria since 2016. One thing I love about Jumia is the ease that comes with online shopping and the cheaper shipping costs. I've previously bought camera equipment, discovered one of my favorite Nigerian brands, Virtue Clothiers. Jumia is also my go-to place to purchase shoes from foreign brands such as Zara and New Look. 
After a few years of experience, several purchases, and a working relationship with Jumia, I have figured out how to get the best items there.  And the following tips below have helped me in the past.

Tips for Shopping on Jumia

1. Stick to brands you know. When I'm shopping on Jumia I lookout for brands such as Zara, New Look, Forever21, Virtue Clothiers and Shein.

2. Read the reviews, trust me they help.

3. You might want to avoid purchasing things labeled in the generic category, they rarely ever look like the product picture.

4. Opt for products that generally have a non-stock photography look. You know those pictures with the oyinbo women in white backgrounds, yeah you might want to avoid such purchases unless you are already familiar with the brand or have seen someone purchase the exact item.

5. Jumia global brands such as Shein and Zaful have some really nice items. I've previously purchased some favorites such as this red blazer and snake print turtle neck top.

6. Purchase items based on the reviews of people that you trust. It's always nice and assuring to see how an item looks on an actual person.

With all that being said, Jumia Nigeria is having its biggest sale of the year, Jumia Black Friday's 2019! This basically means that every Friday in November, there will be discounts, flash sales every hour, treasure hunts and free delivery from 9-10am daily. 

My Top 3 Picks

Here are my top 3 recent picks from Jumia (sent to me)

Inighi is a Made in Nigeria brand and I've previously purchased two pairs of trousers from them. I just love their minimalist and colorful pieces. Now, this brand is currently rebranding but their previous designs are available on Jumia. Yall check out their store here. The dress I am wearing comes in mustard and blue!!

2. Normal is Boring T-Shirt for N3000
I really just needed a new graphic T-shirt so I got this one. I wanted an oversized fit but this one in a size XL is a tad bit bigger than I had expected. It would be a great workout shirt though since it covers my ass. And I found this exact design for a cheaper price of N1,700 here

I thought to add another brown bag to my collection and I love the leather quality and colour of this one. I'm however not a fan of the cobra detail, it kinda freaks me out (lol).
Photography by Victor Audu on an iPhone 7 plus

Be sure to download the Jumia App for more amazing discounts and don't forget to use my tips too! Have a great shopping experience, trust me there are actually some really amazing offers if you check properly.  Need more tips on shopping on Jumia, check out this post.

Ever shopped on Jumia Nigeria? Do you have any tips? What's your favorite from my 3 picks?

This post is sponsored by Jumia but all thoughts and opinions are of course mine

Till next time guys!


  1. Yes reviews really help. Nigerian gives real reviews.
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. I am a bit weary of Jumia but will try these tips. Thanks for sharing. I love that bag and the dress. The Tee is not bad too but why in God’s name will you go for that size?!

    1. Thanks for reading girl, I do hope you reconsider, there are lot of nice items on there and with my tips I'm sure you'll find them. Lol you already know why