How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe 1: Capsule Closet + 7 Outfits

When it comes to building your wardrobe, it's not about how many clothes you have, because you can have the wrong clothes. What's important is having the right closet basic essentials which will, in turn, help you to maximize and make the most of your wardrobe. So if you've ever felt like you have nothing to wear despite having many clothes or you have many clothes but no outfit. Then this post is for you!

I recently embarked on a movement/journey (not sure what to call it)  "Slay with less and Declutter the Mess" (#SLDM). With this, I intend to show you how to make the most of what you have and avoid excess clutter with your clothes. Thus from now and in 2020, there will be various posts geared towards this on my blog, youtube channel and social media pages with a focus on Instagram. Today's post is all about building a Capsule Closet.

So what is a Capsule Closet?

It's basically a collection of staple items that can be used to create a number of outfits for different occasions. The goal with a Capsule Closet is to slay with less, literally. When trying to decide what items to include in your closet, there are two things to consider. It's your Personal Style and Lifestyle. My personal style is geared towards modest pieces with bold colors and prints. As for my lifestyle, I have a 9-5 corporate job. Thus you'd see more work appropriate, colorful and modest clothing in my wardrobe. Nevertheless, in spite of these things, the basics are the same across different lifestyles and personal style. 

While most Capsule Closets consists of about 20 pieces or more inclusive of accessories, my basic capsule closet will consist only of 5 staple items

1. The Blazer/Blazer Dress
2. A basic Turtle Neck Top
3. A Midi Skirt
4. Black Trousers
5. A Black Top

The following outfits show how I incorporated each basic to create entirely different looks.

Outfit 1
My blazer dress is styled as a jacket/overcoat and paired with the snakeskin turtle neck top and black trousers. Notice how I tied everything in with accessories such as the brown belt, black bag, statement earrings, and minimalist heels, all of which display my personal style. Perhaps a student or someone in a more relaxed environment would choose black skinny jeans and a kimono. It's still the same basics but just executed differently based on personal style and lifestyle. 

Outfit 2:
Again with the blazer dress but this time it's styled as a dress and spiced up with a scarf, pumps and a statement belt. A person with a different lifestyle might opt for flat shoes or perhaps a turban or beret as opposed to the scarf.

Outfit 3:
This look features the blazer dress once again but this time styled as a long top/open jacket. Notice how I'm still staying true to my personal style in each outfit.

Outfit 4
This outfit shows the versatility of this snakeskin top which was styled in Outfit 1. It's obviously a great layering piece. Say your style is more minimalist, then you may opt for a plain black, white or nude top as opposed to one with prints.

Outfit 5
The snakeskin top is restyled once again but this time with a camel midi skirt. A person with a different style may have opted for a pencil skirt or even a shorter length skirt.

Outfit 6
This look features black trousers and a black top. A lot of people actually thought this was a jumpsuit when I posted it on my Instagram feed, you see how one can maximize clothes and get entirely new outfits? This look was spiced up with a red beret and yellow purse which again are my personal style touches. 

Outfit 7
The final look features the camel midi skirt again but this time with the blacktop incorporated in a different outfit. 

These are just some outfits created using five items in a basic capsule wardrobe. Think of how much more outfits one can create with a lot more closet basics. I do hope you found this post helpful and took something away from it. Being that said, I look forward to bringing you all more content in this direction. In 2020, we will slay with less, declutter the mess and save money rather than spend on clothes.

 Now, what was your favorite outfit? Or better still, what five items would be in your capsule closet?

Till next time guys!


  1. Well styled. I am here for this Capsule Closet look!

    1. Thanks Angel, I appreciate you for always stopping by.

  2. Ah love all these looks! You look great lady!

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