Sarah Speaks: The Wakeup Call, RIP Kobe Bryant

Death is always sudden, it's a wakeup call to do better, be better and live more in the moment. And whenever that time comes for us, hopefully, later rather than sooner, I pray that we would leave this earth with our eternity sure and have fulfilled God's purpose for our lives. I barely knew or followed Kobe Byrant beyond what I heard of him in the news and from basketball fanatics like my brother but I do believe that his popularity is not what made him great. His greatness (gift, dedication, and hard work) is what made him popular. 

And the fact that he is known as the great basketball player that he was, showcased our creator, God's glory (John 15:8). Perhaps God even had greater plans for him beyond basketball, who knows. At least he used his gift to inspire many people, even beyond basketball.

Photography by Ruth Audu

His death is tragic. As a believer, it's good to know that he identified as a Christian and acknowledged God. Because at the end of the day, what matters is that God knows us as His own, that we have kingdom clout (in the words of Pastor Steven Furtick) and that we make heaven.

May his soul, his daughter and the others affected in the crash, rest in peace. And may God comfort anyone hurting due to this, especially their families. For those of us alive, please keep living. Keep showcasing God's glory through your gifts and purpose. Draw closer to God too and know him while you still can. 

I end this with one of my new favorite quotes from Kobe Bryant 

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so they can be great in whatever they want to do".

Till next time guys!

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