This Restaurant in Abuja Makes the Best Cakes and Food!

Strobrie is one of the best places in Abuja, to get amazing pastries! Not only is their carrot cake the best ever, but they also offer various cheesecakes which are just as scrumptious, with the blueberry cheesecake being my favorite. I've actually been there before and wrote a review here all about these pastries. Recently, the owner of Stobrie, Joanne Aipoh also a pastry chef, in collaboration with Chef Thabo Phake, introduced a savory menu offering lunch and breakfast options. I stopped by to try it out and here are my thoughts!
Savory Food/ Menu
I ordered the Beef Ragu. I loved how tender and flavorful the beef was, this was a refreshing contrast to the chewy tough texture that I'm used to with Nigerian beef. The veggies used were also very fresh and the cheese gave it an interesting taste. Every component of this dish really worked so well together. I only wish it had a bit more of a kick to it with more pepper. I mentioned this to Chef Thabo and was informed that next time I can actually request for it to be spicer, how great is that! I wouldn’t mind a little more food portions too.
  I drooled over this beef burger which wasn’t my order but the patty looked so juicy and I can’t wait to try it out when next I go there. As an aside, I also tasted the best fries ever! It was the Sumo Fries which came with a friend's order of Suya Yakitori Chicken (pictured below) and it was amazing. It was crunchy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside.  I found out that the potatoes go through a process of being boiled first at a certain temperature then fried twice and frozen, this explains the distinct difference! Please try this when you stop by, it's so worth it. 

Drinks/ Dessert
I had a Passion Fruit Lemonade and a Strawberry Cheesecake, the cheesecakes at Strobrie are always a good idea. 

The place has such a relaxing and green atmosphere given the plants at every corner. Some of these plants are actually on sale. Strobrie would make a great quiet spot to read a good book or meet up with people. There is also free WiFi!.

Final Thoughts
I’m really excited and pleased with the new menu. We now get the best of both worlds with amazing pastries and savory dishes. I'm even more excited to have followed the growth of this business from its humble beginning on just social media to now having a bigger space and serving as a fully-fledged restaurant, congrats Joanne!

Chef Thabo
 Joanne, pastry chef and the owner of Strobirie
Photography by me using an iPhone 7 plus

Strobrie is located at  Cottage One, HFIA Garden, off Tafawa Balewa Way, Garki, Abuja.  Y’all should definitely stop by, try this new menu and be sure to get yourself the carrot cake or any cheesecake. Also let me know your favorites! Ever been to Strobrie? What did you have?

 Till next time guys!

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