How to Nail a Creative Collaboration + Styling Monochromatic Outfit

I love collaborations but I'm sure you may have already noticed. I find that it's a great way to spice up content, keep you guys entertained, learn something new and in the Instagram world increase one's engagement and reach overall.

However, how does one effectively nail or have a successful collaboration, especially in the creative community? And by the creative community, I'm looking at amongst bloggers, influencers, vloggers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, etc.

1. Have an Idea
For such collaborations to be successful there has to be an idea, a concept that one has in mind. For this shoot, the goal was to have a burst of different colors in monochromatic looks. We then discussed locations etc

2. Get Your Crew
This is actually the most important aspect of collaboration and often times even precedes having an idea. In the case of this collaboration, I came together with my bloggers and we discussed the idea of a collab before the concept was birthed. In my experience collaborations are generally more successful with people you've already connected with online. So as a blogger, it would be fellow bloggers who comment on my posts, or we talk on DM. However, there are cases where reaching out to complete strangers could work, it all depends on the approach

3. Send a Pitch
This is quite simple once a relationship has been established so just do it! Once you decide which platform (email or DM) to reach out to this person, send an email explaining your idea.

4. Plan, Plan, Plan
This is so important, in fact, it can not be under-stressed. I've had failed collabs or collabs with poor quality images because of a lack of planning. For this collaboration time was set, location picked, outfits sorted and even photographers. We could have gone a step further by having posting ideas, specific locations to use and even etc. The better you plan, the better the outcome of the shoot. trust me

A few things to keep in mind:
  • In as much as you plan, things will not always work accordingly and that's okay. Make adjustments as you go.
  • People will fail you. On the day of this shot, three people canceled at the last minute. It was completely unexpected but we made too
  • Finally, have fun, yes we want to create something amazing but if you don't enjoy it'll show through in the content you create. 

Photography by Victor Audu and Bunmi Images

These images were shot in 2019 as part of a collaboration with fellow Abuja bloggers, By Tonye, Deb Writes Blog and Opeyem's Diary. I'm excited that they are finally making it here. And what better time truly than on the occasion International Women's Day.  I'm both excited and thankful that I'm surrounded by amazing women in my industry who are doing great things and making major moves. 

Till next time guys!

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